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All The Creatures Were Stirring: 10 Creepy Creature Features to Get Under Your Skin This Holiday Season

Attention all holiday horror enthusiasts and creature feature devotees! As the festive season rolls around the snow-dusted corner, bring some thrilling excitement to your cozy evenings with a monstrous marathon. Forget about the standard holiday fare; it’s time to dive into a world where creatures don’t just stir—they outright haunt the holiday spirit! Here’s your yuletide countdown of the top 10 creature features to get under your skin this holiday season.

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10. The Gingerdead Man (2005)

Starting off our countdown, we slice into The Gingerdead Man. When a killer’s spirit is mystically melded with a gingerbread spice concoction, you can bet your sugar plums it’s not going to be a silent night. As campy as it is creepy, this film serves up a feast of fears with a maniacal cookie out for revenge. It’s ludicrous, it’s laughable, and it’s the perfect appetizer for a holiday horror movie marathon.

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9. Jack Frost (1997)

Snowmen are supposed to bring joy, right? Well, not this one. Jack Frost takes a childhood winter icon and twists it into a vengeful, carrot-nosed killer. With cheesy one-liners and low-budget effects that evoke equal parts terror and giggles, this flick is a must-see for fans of frostbitten frights and those who like their horror with a side of humor.

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8. The Mist (2007)

Let’s clear the air; The Mist is an eerie concoction of Stephen King’s storytelling and Frank Darabont’s direction. While it’s not set during the holidays, the enveloping fog brings a cold, wintery feel, and the array of horrifying creatures lurking within is sure to send shivers down your spine. Giant insects, tentacled monsters, and otherworldly beings turn a small town’s plight into an unforgettable survival horror.

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7. Critters (1986)

Hold onto your Santa hats because Critters delivers relentless rounds of tiny, toothy terrors! These furballs from space come to Earth with a voracious appetite, resulting in a cult classic that’s both funny and fierce. The Critters—or Krites, as they are known—are a holiday nightmare wrapped in a bloodthirsty bow, providing all the makings of a creature feature fan’s wintery wish list. (Okay, so they’re not Christmas creatures, but they would make for a terrifying stocking stuffer)

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6. The Descent (2005)

While not a holiday film, The Descent definitely has creatures stirring. The nocturnal, bat-like creatures encountered in the dark, claustrophobic cave system are truly the stuff of nightmares. Agile, cunning, and downright horrifying, these beings will make you grateful for the comforting glow of holiday lights.

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