[Review] Netflix Thriller BAD MATCH is “FATAL ATTRACTION For The Tinder Generation”

Film director David Chirchirillo’s latest feature, Bad Match, has garnered quite a bit of attention since its initial release in 2017. Now available to stream on NetflixChirchirillo has described the film as “Fatal Attraction for the Tinder generation.” Bad Match demonstrates the way we interpret information online and how we utilize it in the real world. From quick dating apps (similar to Tinder) to online gaming, the dark thriller reminds us that we should pay close attention to all the ways we connect, and with whom.

Bad Match stars Jack Cutmore-Scott (Kingsman: The Secret Service, Deception) as Harris, a young and handsome marketing professional that puts his skills towards picking up women through online dating apps. Harris slips his way out of second encounters after sleeping with his dates, only to quickly move on to the next profile (or match). Then comes the beautiful young Riley, played by Lili Simmons (Bone Tomahawk, True Detective) to disrupt Harris’s usual routine of womanizing. Harris slowly realizes Riley’s persistence might be more than just naivete and infatuation, but something much more sinister.

Chirchirillo does a fine job in maintaining ambiguity with the characters and plot. Even as the main characters develop, in some ways drastically, the plot continues to leave us in the dark. Harris is introduced as a witty and charming guy, but eventually becomes completely unrecognizable. At some point the charm is gone and we find ourselves rooting for an entirely different person. The same goes for Simmon’s character, Riley. The young, bright, “wild” female that soon turns obsessive (in a scary way), Riley barely resembles little of herself by the climax of the film. Her actions that are seemingly suspicious tend to bear some semblance of logic later in the film.

The plot escalates quickly once Harris’s actions towards Riley get the best of him. Hurling through a downward spiral, Harris becomes a centerpiece for all things gone wrong. As friends and coworkers begin doubting his claims that Riley’s menacing plan to ruin his life are perhaps his own fabrications, the plot becomes less transparent. Perhaps this was Chirchirillo’s way of keeping the audience engaged until the film’s finale, but it works. As the film explores themes of identity and how it affects relationships, it becomes evident that our characters use their dating-app profiles as a facade for the “perfect partner”.

Bad Match displays the toxic nature of Harris and Riley’s relationship as they progress beyond their dating profiles; a foundation that quickly crumbles in the face of a real connection, without technology. Harris treats people and situations like his dating app; swipe and move on to the next. His dismissive nature clashes with Riley’s obsessive behavior which soon leads to an intense and dramatic close. 

“The film’s plot brings viewers an entirely unique perspective; a conclusion both logical and satisfying.”

The film also stars Brandon Scott, who recently played a major role in the latest season of Channel Zero: Butcher’s Block as police officer Luke Vanczyk. Scott also starred in Adam Wingard’s Blair Witch, released in 2016. Scott plays Harris’s best friend Chuck, who seems to be the voice of reason. Aside questioning Harris’s reasons for not developing further with his one-night encounters, Chuck attempts to put things into perspective when Riley’s motives come into question early in the film. As per usual, Harris simply brushes any concern away without consideration. We watch helplessly as Harris indifference brings him closer and closer to to catastrophe. Without revealing too much, the unraveling of the film’s plot brings viewers an entirely unique perspective; a conclusion both logical and satisfying.

Chirchirillo’s delivery is smart, fun and most important, its effective. Bad Match takes a contemporary look at how people connect through the obsessive use of technology; exploiting the sex driven intent on gaining one-sided fulfillment. The acting by both Scott and Simmons is stellar, making use of their talents truly makes this film an enjoyable experience. If you’ve watched the trailer, you’re more than likely still in the dark; and that’s a good thing. Is it perfect? Absolutely not. It’s no Fatal Attraction either, yet Bad Match offers a well worthy 90 minutes of intensity that’ll keep you engaged until the end.

Check out the trailer below and let us know what you think. Bad Match is currently streaming on Netflix, so hit us up in the comments below, and on social media, to let us know what you thought of Bad Match.


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