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The Queen of Screams: Every Jamie Lee Curtis Horror Movie Ranked

Jamie Lee Curtis is horror movie royalty. With horror both in her blood, (she’s the daughter of Psycho actress Janet Leigh) and the genre’s biggest juggernauts under her belt (Hello Halloween, 1978), she’s easily one of the biggest names in horror. From Scream Queen ingenue to the wise, fierce survivor, she has showcased an evolution that has kept audiences captivated for decades.

So, whether you’re a die-hard Jamie Lee Curtis fan or a general horror enthusiast, buckle up! We’re diving into our definitive ranking of every Jamie Lee Curtis Horror movie, ever!

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15. Halloween Kills (2021)

The ever-resilient Laurie Strode is back in this sequel-to-a-requel, but this time she’s laid up in a hospital. Meanwhile, her lifetime nemesis, Michael Myers, survives yet again to terrorize their hometown. The town may be overprepared though, with their torches and pitchforks pointing at anyone and everyone who wanders into their midst. Though the film delivers its promised bouts of brutal gore, its underlying message can feel somewhat contradictory. While it might not stand alone as a definitive chapter, it’s still essential viewing for die-hard Myers-Strode saga fans.

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14. Virus (1999)

A sci-fi horror set aboard a sinking ship, this film thrusts Curtis into the deep waters of terror where a malevolent alien entity lurks. Combining the claustrophobia of the confined ship interiors with the vastness of the open sea, it’s a tumultuous ride from start to finish. While Virus might not be the pinnacle of Curtis’s illustrious horror career, it’s certainly a captivating nautical nightmare. In a familiar twist, Curtis steps up as humanity’s last line of defense, proving once again why she’s a force to be reckoned with, even when pitted against extraterrestrial threats.

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13. Halloween Ends (2022)

Set four years after her previous face-off with Myers (in Kills), Laurie Strode is working on a memoir while grappling with her trauma. Just as she’s starting to heal, a new spree of murders plunges her back into mayhem. While the film has its moments, including some major plot twists that divided initial audiences, it’s a bit like that final piece of Halloween candy—sweet, but maybe one too many.

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12. Halloween (2018)

Laurie returns to face her lifelong tormentor 40 years later, but now she’s a gun-toting grandmother ready for the showdown. The film revisits the eternal conflict between Laurie and Michael, blending new elements with nostalgia, and a hefty dose of fan-minded easter eggs. Still, it doesn’t quite capture the magic of their initial encounters.

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11. Halloween Resurrection (2002)

An early 2000s guilty pleasure that plants Michael Myers into a reality TV setup, with Busta Rhymes and Tyra Banks at the helm! While this movie might be better suited for a drinking game than a film study, it does offer an intriguing early aughts time capsule to the Halloween saga. Though, as a Jamie Lee Curtis film, don’t expect too much.

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