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The Queen of Screams: Every Jamie Lee Curtis Horror Movie Ranked

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10. Knives Out (2019)

In Knives Out, Curtis takes a break from fending off masked killers to playing a part in a star-studded whodunnit, Agatha Christie-style. Though more of a fantastical thriller than a straight-up horror film, the film’s suspenseful atmosphere and intricate plot make it an engaging watch. Plus, Jamie Lee Curtis’ role as a cunning family member provides a delightful change of pace.

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9. Haunted Mansion (2023)

Ditching her signature knife-fighting prowess for a touch of the ethereal, Curtis steps into the enigmatic shoes of Madam Leota in this recent family-friendly spectral escapade inspired by the iconic Disney attraction. As she assists a motley crew navigating a mansion brimming with playful phantoms, Curtis’s character provides cryptic clues and some much-needed levity. This film, though lighter in tone, showcases the actress’s versatility and charisma. A delightful, humor-filled journey through haunted halls.

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8. Terror Train (1980)

Curtis hops aboard a killer caboose in Terror Train. As college students, including Curtis’s character, gather to celebrate New Year’s Eve, they’re blissfully unaware that a vengeful, masked assailant lurks among them. Intertwined with misdirection, false identities, and a heart-pounding masquerade party setting, the film ramps up the tension with each stop. It’s a thrilling ride that not only spotlights Curtis’s early days as a Scream Queen, but also her innate ability to portray a grounded, resourceful victim amidst chaos.

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7. The Fog (1980)

In The Fog, Curtis takes to the sea-battered town of Antonio Bay, playing a hitchhiker who becomes entangled in the town’s ghostly mystery. As the mist rolls in, so do vengeful specters of sailors seeking retribution. As a delightful nod to Hollywood lineage, Curtis shares the screen with her real-life mother, Janet Leigh, further cementing the film’s iconic status. This moody, tension-filled atmospheric fright offers classic horror aesthetics combined with compelling family dynamics and top-notch performances.

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Halloween II - 1981

6. Halloween II (1981)

Picking up directly from the cliffhanger ending of the original, this sequel finds Laurie Strode in a hospital, nursing fresh wounds, and even fresher trauma. Little does she know, Michael Myers isn’t too far behind, bringing his night of terror to the sterile hospital halls. The film is an essential, if slightly repetitive, extension of the original’s nerve-wracking tension. It adds new dimensions by delving even deeper into Laurie’s psychological trauma and expanding on the Strode-Myers connection. A must-watch for anyone committed to the Laurie Strode saga.

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