This Friday, the Nightmare on Film Street Fiend Club is checking in and checking out the brand new homeshare horror Superhost! Directed by Brandon Christensen (Z, Still/Born), the film drops two Youtube Travel bloggers into the Airbnb trip from hell! It also features a surprising appearance from Barbara Crampton as ‘The Bitch from Draper’!

Superhost debuts on Shudder September 2nd, and the Fiend Club Watch Party kicks off Friday, September 3rd at 8pm EST (Timezone Converter) Fiends will be able to live stream the film simultaneously around the globe, while chatting and joking along with your fellow fiends!


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Access the Fiend Club exclusive sekret link to Superhost WATCH PARTY here:


While you wait ’till Friday, check out Kimberley’s review of Superhost here at Nightmare on Film Street!

See you there!