Sunder (2023)
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[Fund This!] Psychological Thriller SUNDER Invites You To Step Into The Darkness…

What do you do when you find yourself attracted to the dark side of humanity? Exploring that very question, the new psychological thriller titled Sunder follows a videogame developer as he becomes entangled with his new flatmate’s sinister activities, and is terrified to find himself gripped by them. Currently seeking funding on Indiegogo, Sunder promises a “clever, emotional, smart, [that] challenges the status quo,” and with your support this new terrifying vision will soon come to life.

Indie Horror filmmaking would be nowhere without the support of the fan community, finally able to take control of their interests and support the creators they love. It’s like the 21st-century version of being a mad scientist, without the hassle of grave-robbing or running from an angry mob to bring your creation to life.

Drawing inspiration from American PsychoZodiac, and The Girl On The Train, Sunder takes us on a psychological rollercoaster as we delve into Jamie’s (20’s) seemingly perfect life. He has a dream job coding from home; he recently rescued the best dog in the world; and he just moved into a new home with the love of his life, Katie (20’s).


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A day like any other Jamie wakes up and is hit by an uncontrollable sense of apathy. Katie tries to help him, but the depression gradually devours him, leaving an empty shell. Katie can’t take it anymore and leaves him, taking their dog with her. In an effort to regain stability, Jamie sublets his spare room, and that’s when he encounters Sam (20’s), an enigmatic and alluring young woman who brings him back to life.

As Jamie emerges from his emotional abyss, strange noises from Sam’s room at night unsettle him. Suspicion arises, leading Jamie to believe that Sam might be involved in sinister activities, possibly even taking lives while he sleeps. Caught between the desire for self-discovery and the fear of losing himself to darkness, Jamie embarks on a dangerous path to uncover the truth.

Written and produced by Lacey Darlene Paulson & Valentina Romano with Steven James Griffiths attached to direct, Sunder could be the next indie sleeper hit with your support! Clicker HERE to find more info and become a patron of the arts by funding the movies you want to see made.

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