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[Interview] HEIR OF THE WITCH Writer/Director Victoria U. Bell Shares the Life Experiences That Shaped Her Debut Feature

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In Heir of The Witch, an underprivileged seamstress, haunted by her past, seeks love and acceptance in high society but is faced with the curse from her evil roots. Brimming with dark witchy imagery and pulling from writer/director Victoria U. Bell’s own experiences with witchcraft, Heir of The Witch is a haunting tale of family secrets, personal fears, and the occult. 

We recently chatted with multi-hyphenate (including writer/director/star) Victoria U. Bell to discuss the making of her debut feature, now streaming worldwide.


“…My paternal grandmother, a ferocious witch, enchanted me with a spell when I was merely five years old.”


NOFS: I understand that you pulled from some of your own personal fears and family secrets in crafting the story for Heir of The Witch. Can you share some of those stories with us?

Victoria U. Bell: The origin of Heir of the Witch emerges from my personal journey. During my formative years, my paternal grandmother, a ferocious witch, enchanted me with a spell when I was merely five years old. Initially presented as a safeguard, the incantation carried an unsettling undertone, which materialized through eerie whispers accompanying her ritual. This unsettling experience left a lasting impression on my adolescent and adult years, molding the very core of my being.

At the core of the film’s storyline, this profound encounter serves as its central theme. However, the movie’s composition is a blend of various influences – a mosaic of real-life experiences, literary sagas, and stories from diverse sources. My creative approach embraces each of these encounters and emotions, allowing them to mix and ignite the flame of inspiration. By fostering a receptive state within my mind and soul, I open the door for the world to make its mark, a culmination that later converges into a collection of potent and captivating narratives.

NOFS: Do you believe in witchcraft? Or do you think the supernatural stories from our past are just allegories of something unexplained at the time.

VB: I perceive a clear demarcation between goodness and malevolence. Light and darkness stand as distinct realms, just as the forces of good and evil — symbolized by God and the devil — are in perpetual conflict. This struggle between these opposing energies is palpable and ever-present. I hold a steadfast belief in the immense influence held by our words and deeds, and the underlying intentions that drive them. The profound conviction resonates within me that each of us wields the power of a creator, capable of shaping reality. Our agency is evident; we possess the prerogative to opt for love’s propagation or to channel our inner darkness and trepidation, subsequently attracting more of the same negativity. The onus lies upon us, and it’s crucial to comprehend that each decision bears its own set of outcomes.


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NOFS: You wrote, directed, produced, AND starred in Heir of The Witch, which I’m sure made the shoot extra challenging. How did you compartmentalize all those roles while on set?

VB: Persistent effort and unwavering commitment have the power to propel you to distant horizons. Combine that with abundant doses of coffee and a formidable team, and you become an unstoppable force. My passion for my craft is immeasurable, and each day, I relish the opportunity to engage fully and bring art to life. Given the choice, I’d opt for 20 hours on a dynamic production set over eight hours in a confining cubicle any day. The realm of filmmaking demands your unreserved dedication. There’s no room for excuses. It’s a voyage that demands your entire being. I’m profoundly appreciative that my heart has embraced such a daring and valiant path.

NOFS: Of writing, directing, producing, and acting; Is there a particular role you enjoy the most?

VB: I earnestly yearn for my heart to firmly settle on one facet of filmmaking, allowing me to wholeheartedly dive into that chosen craft. Yet, despite my attempts, I find myself inseparable from any of these roles. I cherish each aspect profoundly and completely. Writing embarks upon a solitary voyage that I hold in high affection – it’s a path where I shape visionary worlds born solely from my imagination. Acting, in contrast, transports me to fully and deeply inhabit those moments; emotions are lived, not feigned, as I breathe life into the actions. The art of directing unfolds as a magnificent symphony, wherein I open the chambers of my heart to welcome actors into my vision. Witnessing them transform that vision into living art is an exquisitely beautiful experience.

And then there’s producing – a role that resonates with my inner businesswoman. It’s a challenge I relish, one that brings the entire team together, from handling finances to meticulously orchestrating the myriad details that construct the vessel sailing into the thrilling unknown of each new movie. I’m profoundly grateful that my heart finds solace and exhilaration in every facet. I firmly believe that every filmmaker should, at the very least, taste the essence of each stage in the cinematic journey.


“Persistent effort and unwavering commitment have the power to propel you to distant horizons.”


NOFS: Is Horror a genre you hope to spend more time in as a filmmaker?

VB: While I do have a deep appreciation for the Horror genre and find it to be a captivating realm to explore as a filmmaker, I also firmly believe in diversifying my creative portfolio. Currently, I am working on a variety of projects that span across different genres. My next venture, titled “5” is a psychological thriller that will challenge perceptions and delve into the intricate workings of the mind.

In addition to this, I am also engaged in crafting a heartwarming family romance story that aims to touch the emotions of audiences in a different way. Furthermore, I’m excited to be involved in the creation of a drama TV series that promises to be an engaging and immersive experience for viewers.

My approach as a director is to avoid confining myself to a single genre or theme. I hold the belief that the art of filmmaking knows no boundaries and should not be restricted by rules. Embracing this philosophy allows me to tap into the limitless potential that cinema offers and to explore various narratives that resonate with diverse audiences. Each project presents a new canvas upon which to paint compelling stories, and I am committed to harnessing the full spectrum of creativity that film has to offer.


Heir of The Witch is streaming on all VOD platforms now! Go to www.HeirOfTheWitch.com for more info but make sure to put a ring of salt around you before clicking that link…

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