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[Interview] How MOVIES PLUS is Keeping Streaming Affordable

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Streaming services have become the new Cable TV Providers. For years it was the only way to see premiere programming, but we all waived goodbye to costly content and unwanted channels at the dawn of the streaming revolution. And now, of course, streaming has become as expensive as cable always was. A Netflix here, an HBO Max there, and suddenly you’re over $100 in streaming costs.

Movies Plus is the new, affordable streaming service on the block, here to keep ya entertained without breaking the bank. We recently spoke with Movies Plus founder Cory Tucek about the hurdles of curating inexpensive content.


What sets Movie Plus apart from other streaming services?

While every other streaming platform is moving away from independent content, we’re embracing it. It’s becoming harder and harder for Indie Films to find a platform that will support their work and help them monetize their content. 


What are some of the challenges of running a streaming service that the average user wouldn’t realize?

The pace at which you have to push content out. We knew there was an appetite for independent content, but most of our focus is to constantly bring in new content for our users so they keep coming back to watch more. So it’s a double-edged sword, you want your users engaged and consuming content, but that also means you need to always have something new for them to consume.


Tell me a little bit about the horror titles in your catalog. What can horror fans look forward to at Movies Plus?

We have over 100 horror films licensed, and this past October we released 1 new horror film a day. We have classics like Night of the Living Dead, all the way to new indies with big names, and indies with no names. We look at our catalogue from the true horror film fans perspective, and what do we think they’d want to watch. So if it seems to us like something true horror film fans would like, we do everything we can to get it on our platform and in front of our customers. 


Streaming services are getting more and more expensive, how are you able to keep a Movies Plus subscription so affordable?

It’s not easy, but we just keep our overhead light and make sure that we’re putting as much money into the content as possible. It’s also been easy because of the overwhelming support we have received from the customers. Our loyal customers are what supports us because they keep coming back and referring other people to us.


What are some dream titles that you’re hoping to get on the platform in the future?

If I had to pick one dream title, it would be to have a big time superhero flick on our site. Ideally Batman if I had my choice, but that would be a dream come true. 


Do you have any plans for 2023 that you can share?

We have a film festival this coming March 2023, from March 3rd – 12th. All of our subscribers will be able to participate in the digital film festival, and they will be able to vote on their favorite films from the festival.


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