Us (2019) Red (Played By Lupita Nyong'O) Holding Paper Cut Outs Of People With A Crazed Haunted Expression On Her Face.
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[Podcast] The Dance of Another: US (2019)

Join your horror hosts Kimmi & Jon as they Dance The Dance of Another while discussing Jordan Peele’s Us (2019). While dance was a means to cast spells in our first feature, Suspiria (2018), dance is a means of liberation in this doppelgänger horror where the clones mobilze and fight back! It’s a movie that’s as secretly complex as it is deceptively eerie.

Featuring two brilliant performances from Lupita Nyong’o & Winston Duke, the fastest home invasion in cinematic history, and one of the best damn soundtracks of the decade, Us was an instant hit and has only grown in appreciation over time.

In this casually obsessed chat, we explore some of the wilder internet theories surrounding its controversial climax, we dive deep into the dark psychology of The Tethered, and (of course) fan girl over how this dang movie crafted some of the most instantly iconic moments of horror. Join ussssss…


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February 8th, 2024


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Us (2019) Nightmare On Film Street Podcast
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