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[Podcast] Graveyard Smash: DRACULA (1931) – Fiend Club Exclusive

It’s Alive! The Graveyard Smash Podcast Series is finally here. As voted by you, we’ll be revisiting the Universal Classic Monster movies and tracing their legacy through the decades with modern monster movies. Chills! Thrills! Horror! Suspense! The Universal Classic Monster movies had it all, and the shape of Horror was forever changed by these monolithic masterpieces of the macabre.

We’re kicking things off with Todd Browning’s Dracula (1931), released 92 years ago today. It’s hard to imagine what vampire films would look like today without Bela Lugosi’s iconic performance. That voice, those eyes, dem perfectly manicured fingers nails! Bela Lugosi turned the vampire from an inhuman bloodsucker to a suave, debonair infiltrator of high society. It’s a classic for a reason.

We bid you vvelcome to this inaugural episode of our newest podcast series and we invite you to join us as we do the Monster Mash (previously known as the Transylvanian Twist). It’s gonna be a Graveyard Smash! 🦇



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February 14th,  2023


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