Horror Movie A Novel Paul Tremblay (2024)
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[Podcast] Interview: Author Paul Tremblay Talks HORROR MOVIE: A NOVEL

Horror author Paul Tremblay joins your horror hosts Kimmi & Jon on this week’s episode of Nightmare on Film Street to discuss his newest work Horror Movie: A Novel. Available everywhere spooky books are sold, Horror Movie: A Novel is pure Found Fiction about a cursed movie, never released to the public following the disturbing events of its production back in 1993. But now that a big budget reboot is underway the sole surviving member of the original crew must face the horrors of the past again…

Paul Tremblay’s previous novel The Cabin At The End of The World was recently adapted by M Night Shyamalan for Knock At The Cabin and his breakout A Head Full of Ghosts is currently in development. Horror Movie: A Novel takes inspiration from those ventures in the Hollywood system but it also serves as a vehicle for Tremblay to talk about his own obsessions with horror movies. Join us for a chat with three confirmed horror movie addicts, talking about what makes books scarier than movies, book recommendations for the modern horror fan, and how Tremblay discovered his passion for writing later in life.

Join uss…


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June 13th, 2024


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Paul Tremblay Horror Movie: A Novel
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