nightmare on film street horror movie podcast goosebumps the haunted mask

[Podcast] Masking For Trouble: GOOSEBUMPS’ THE HAUNTED MASK

We’re Masking For Trouble on the latest episode of the Nightmare on Film Street Horror movie podcast! Join your spooktacular hosts, Kimmi & Jon, as they dive deep into the eerie world of Goosebumps’ The Haunted Mask.

It’s Halloween night, and poor Carly Beth is sick of the relentless (wormy) torture of being a scaredy cat. So she ditches the duck costume and heads to the mysterious mask shop in town for one with a life of its own. It’s green, it’s ghoulish, and it’s only slightly scarier than the disembodied Carly Beth Head her mother keeps on the mantle. But once the mask is on, it’s there for good. Poor Carly Beth is stuck in the passenger seat for a night of mischief and mayhem! Will she learn the true spirit of Halloween? Will her heart grow two sizes that day? Will she still get trick-or-treat candy!?

Get your Halloween Nostalgia on and tune in! Listener Beware, You’re in for a Scare!


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October 5 2023


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nightmare on film street horror movie podcast goosebumps the haunted mask
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