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[Podcast] Murder Italiano: STAGE FRIGHT (1987)

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Ever wondered what happens when theater rehearsals go terribly, terribly wrong? No, we’re not talking about forgetting your lines or tripping on stage. We’re diving into the blood-curdling, scream-worthy world of Stage Fright (1987)! This week, your Nightmare on Film Street horror hosts Kim & Jon are pulling back the curtain on an underrated slasher that deserves the spotlight!

In Giallo Stage Fright, a theater troupe is locked in an auditorium with a maniac donning an owl’s head. Sounds like a hoot, right? But this isn’t your typical night at the theater. As the cast becomes the hunted, the line between performance and peril gets deadly thin. Will they get a standing ovation or will it be curtains for them all?

So, dust off your theater binoculars, prepare your loudest gasp, and maybe keep an exit strategy in mind. Because this episode is set to be a showstopper! Break a leg and join us… if you dare!


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September 7, 2023


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