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[Podcast] Never Sleep Again Part IX: A NIGHTMARE ON ELM STREET (2010)

Welcome to Episode 9, the final installment of Nightmare on Film Street’s NEVER SLEEP AGAIN Series! Through 9 grueling episodes, we’ve been covering every single film in the A Nightmare on Elm Street series on no sleep, and we’ve finally reached the finish line of this legendary horror franchise.

It feels strange closing out the series with an entry as divisive as the remake (especially after the buck wild insanity of Freddy vs. Jason) but if you can look past Freddy’s creepy-uncle vibe, the movie’s too-serious-for-it’s-own-good approach, and the gross oneliners that make you want to throw up in your mouth, there’s a lot to love about A Nightmare on Elm Street (2010)

Filling Freddy’s shoes would have been a monumental task for anyone, and while Robert Englund will also be Freddy in our hearts…Jackie Earle Haley does a pretty alright job. The remake also introduces some fun twists on sleep deprivation and features some super dark, truly evil villain shit that will make you shudder. And most importantly, we’re on the verge of falling off our chairs from exhaustion by this point in the record session 😂


Join your hosts Jon and Kim as they discuss one of the most hated horror movie remakes of the last twenty years, and share with you what sleep deprivation feels like in real time! We experience a loss in concentration and an inability to think properly (not at all important when you’re trying to record a podcast), hot and cold flashes, and poor balance (seriously, Kim kept falling over trying to put her shoes on to walk the dogs lol), among other hilarious symptoms.

Come along for the ride on our final trip to elm street, and the end of a podcast series that 0 out of 10 doctors recommend. Whether you absolutely hate, or kinda sorted love the A Nightmare on Elm Street remake, this is an episode full of maniacal laughter… and the occasional yawn. Join usssss 🥴☕

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July 24th,  2022


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