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10 Underrated Horror Movies from the 2010s You May Have Missed

Ah, the 2010s! A decade where we were introduced to the “dab,” fidget spinners, and the horror of reading a text marked as “seen” with no reply. Okay, that last one still happens. But amidst the cultural phenomena, the world of horror cinema was cooking up some spine-tingling gems that many might’ve missed. For the brave souls who dare to venture beyond the mainstream, here’s a list of ten underrated horror movies from the 2010s that deserve more than just a passing glance.

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10. The Battery (2012)

Imagine a world overrun by zombies, but instead of the usual chaos, we get a bromance between two former baseball players. The Battery is less about the undead and more about the living, focusing on the dynamics between its two protagonists. It’s a refreshing curveball in the zombie genre, proving that there’s more to life (and death) than just survival.

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9. The Sacrament (2013)

Ever thought about joining a secluded community led by a charismatic leader? Well, after watching The Sacrament, you might just reconsider. Inspired by real events, this found footage film delves deep into the dark side of blind faith. It’s a chilling reminder that sometimes, the real monsters are the ones we trust the most.

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8. The Blackcoat’s Daughter (2015)

Boarding schools can be lonely, but in The Blackcoat’s Daughter, loneliness takes a sinister turn. With an atmosphere thicker than the fog on a winter morning, this film slowly unravels a tale of possession and despair. If you ever thought your school days were hell, this film might just make you think twice.

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7. A Dark Song (2016)

Mix a grieving mother, an occultist, and a secluded house, and you’ve got the recipe for A Dark Song. This film is a deep dive into ritual magic and the lengths one would go to contact the other side. It’s a haunting exploration of grief and redemption, with a side of supernatural chills.

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6. The Void (2016)

Nostalgic for the 80s? The Void is a throwback to the era of practical effects and cosmic horror. When a hospital becomes ground zero for otherworldly terror, survival becomes a trippy, blood-soaked ordeal. It’s a visually arresting descent into madness that’ll make you yearn for the simpler times of neon lights and synth music.

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