berberian sound studio 2012 underrated horror movies of the 2010s
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10 Underrated Horror Movies from the 2010s You May Have Missed

The Autopsy of Jane Doe 2016
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5. The Autopsy of Jane Doe (2016)

Coroners deal with the dead, but in The Autopsy of Jane Doe, the dead don’t stay that way. As a father-son duo delves into an autopsy, they uncover mysteries that are best left buried. This film is a masterclass in tension, proving that sometimes, the scariest things are the ones that lie beneath the surface.

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berberian sound studio 2012 underrated horror movies of the 2010s
Artificial Eye

4. Berberian Sound Studio (2012)

A sound studio might seem like an odd setting for a horror film, but Berberian Sound Studio uses it to craft an auditory nightmare. As a British sound engineer works on an Italian horror film, the line between reality and fiction blurs. It’s a trippy, surreal experience that reminds us of the power of sound in evoking fear.

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possum 2018 underrated horror movies of the 2010s
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3. Possum (2018)

Ever had an old toy you just couldn’t bring yourself to get rid of, no matter how hard you tried? Possum takes that concept and cranks up the creep factor to eleven. This film follows a troubled puppeteer and his eerily lifelike puppet, which seems to echo the shadows of his tormented past. If you’re up for a horror that plays mind games and leaves you with lingering chills, Possum is your ticket to a deliciously eerie evening.

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possum 2018 underrated horror movies from the 2010s
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2. Terrified (2017)

If you thought your neighbors were weird, wait till you watch Terrified. Set in a Buenos Aires neighborhood, this film offers a buffet of supernatural scares, from ghostly children to malevolent entities. It’s a rollercoaster of terror that lives up to its name, making you, well, terrified.

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livid livide movie 2011 underrated horror movies
La Fabrique 2

1. Livide (2011)

Gothic horror meets modern-day scares in Livide. When a young caregiver discovers a rumored treasure in an old mansion, she gets more than she bargained for. With its blend of atmospheric chills and haunting visuals, Livide is a feast for the eyes and the soul.

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In wrapping up, while the 2010s gave us plenty of reasons to scream (remember the “Harlem Shake”?), these underrated horror movies from the 2010s deserve a shoutout of their own. So, if you’re looking to rediscover the decade’s hidden horrors, this list is your treasure map. Dive in, if you dare, and remember to keep the lights on – just in case!

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