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[Podcast] Nightmare Alley: Dying For A Vacation with SUPERHOST Writer/Director Brandon Christensen


Welcome back to Nightmare Alley, Fiends! It’s the spooky little sidestreet podcast in the Nightmare on Film Street feed. This week your horror hosts Jon & Kim are joined by writer/director Brandon Christensen (Still/Born, Z) to discuss his newest film Superhost.  We talk all about the real-life awkward Airbnb stay that inspired the film, the trials & tribulations of filming a movie during a pandemic, and how Christensen brought to life one of the year’s most memorable killers. If you haven’t checked out the film yet, don’t fret! This interview is a spoiler-free chat about the making of the film, so feel free to jump in whether or not you’ve had a chance to check out the film on Shudder. Joinn usss…

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Sept 2, 2021


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nightmare alley - interview with brandon christensen - superhost

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