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Barbara Crampton in From Beyond (1986)

[Podcast] Nightmare Alley: Talking Lovecraft, Barbara Crampton, and Panic Fest 2023 with Director Joe Lynch

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You’ve stumbled onto Nightmare Alley, the spooky little side street in the regular Nightmare on Film Street feed. This week, your horror hosts Kimmi and Jon are joined by director Joe Lynch (Mayhem) to talk about curating the perfect Friday night movie marathon and share some juicy details about his upcoming Lovecraft adaptation A Suitable Flesh, starring Barbara Crampton! We also get a few hints from him about his Secret Screening at Panic Fest 2023, in between discussing the disappearance of erotic thrillers, and all the dangerous, subversive storytelling missing from the big screen today. Join ussss….



This week’s episode is sponsored by Panic Fest 2023. Join us for 10 days of mayhem in the Midwest and use the offer code NOFS20 at panicfilmfest.com to get 20% your festival badge now!



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April 13, 2023


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