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[Podcast] SCREAM VI: Spoiler-Filled First Reactions (Fiend Club Exclusive)

What’s your favorite scary movie?? Join your horror hosts Kim & Jon as they spill their guts and share their unfiltered, spoiler-filled thoughts on Scream VI. Ghostface is back, and this time he’s followed the survivors of Scream V all the way from Woodsboro to the Big Apple. It’s a blood-thirsty slasher with a HUGE body count, and (as always) a surprise killer reveal that we are dying to talk about.

Need someone to talk to after seeing 2023 newest horror movie? Come hang out with us as we dissect every brutal moment of this modern throwback to the franchise that revitalized the slasher subgenre. We also share our honest opinions on where this new installment lands in our personal franchise rankings and what it reveals about modern horror at large. Are the Scream movies stuck in a copy+paste spiral or is this new sequel the shock to the system these movies have desperately needed? Make yourself some jiffy pop, put your phone on do-not-disturb, and join ussss… 🔪



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March 11,  2023


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scream vi - ghostface in action

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