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[Podcast] Superior Sequels Part I: HOSTEL PART II (2007)


A new 5-star horror movie is hard to come by, but horror movie sequels that are better than the original are the stuff of legends. On this week’s episode of Nightmare on Film Street your horror hosts Jon & Kim stake a controversial claim, declaring Eli Roth’s Hostel Part 2 (2007) a Superior Sequel. Hostel (2005) changed the genre forever (not to mention tourism!) but there is one movie that puts it to shame, and surprise surprise, it’s another Eli Roth picture jam-packed with severed heads, sadistic millionaires, and gallons of blood! Join ussss…

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February 3rd, 2022


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nightmare on film street podcast superior sequels eli roth's hostel part 2 (2007)

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