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[Podcast] The Summer of ’78: SUMMER OF FEAR

Ahoy, summer sirens and disco demons! This week, your Nightmare on Film Street horror hosts Kim & Jon are cranking up the heat with a sizzlin’ dive into the Summer of Fear (1978). Forget about pool parties and BBQs; this summer is all about witchy vibes and stolen boyfriends!

In Summer of Fear (1978) (or Stranger in Our House depending on who you ask) Linda Blair stars as the all-American girl whose life gets flipped faster than a burger on a grill when her mysterious “cousin” rolls into town. Is she a witch? A femme fatale? A sneaky succubi? She’s snatching boyfriends, party dresses, and even galloping away with Linda’s beloved horse! So, put on your best 70’s party attire (or just steal someone else’s), and join us for a summer tale that’s more spellbinding than a disco ball on a hot summer night. Join ussssss…


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August 24, 2023


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summer of fear 1978 stranger in our house nightmare on film street horror movie podcast