Shocker (1989) Serial Killer Horace Pinker In The Electric Chair Stares Into The Camera With Hate In His Eyes Before His Execution
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[Podcast] Watts Craven! SHOCKER (1989)

Join your horror hosts Kimmi & Jon as they kick off a double-feature of techo-horrors from the master himself, Wes Watts Craven, on this week’s episode of Nightmare on Film Street. First up, we’re tuning in, turning on, and getting jacked up on Shocker (1989), a would-be franchise starter filled with ghost girlfriends, TeleVoodo, heavy metal, and a body-swapping serial killer!

When Horace Pinker, convicted multiple murder, conquers death and escapes prison AFTER being fried in the electric chair, it’s up to one annoying football quarterback to stop him before it’s too late. We’ll be perfectly honest with you, this movie doesn’t make a whole lot of sense but it’s one hell of a good time, overflowing with brilliant ideas from Mr. Craven, including a massage chair that comes to life and a channel surfing fist fight filtered through funky late 80s special effects. Joinn ussss….


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November 23, 2023


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Wes Craven Shocker (1989) Nightmare On Film Street Podcast
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