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[Podcast] What’s Keeping Us Creepy: Time-Travelling Serial Killers, Toxic Avengers, and Cyborg Zombies! (Fiend Club Exclusive)

Happy Zombie Jesus Day, horror fans! It’s Easter, which means the movie theatres will be super empty if you’re looking for something to do this afternoon, but there’s a whole ton of horror you can watch from your couch as well. In this Fiend Club Exclusive episode of the Nightmare on Film Street podcast, your horror host Jon sits down to share everything we’ve been watching at Nightmare HQ. On the docket: Jack The Ripper…Chicken Zombies…Cyborg Zombies….Multiverse Madness…Mutated Superheroes…and more! Join usss…




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April 17th, 2022


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what's Keeping us Creepy - fiend club podcast - nightmare on film street

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