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6 Modern Hidden Gem Horror Movies You Can Watch FREE on Tubi Tonight

If you’re on the prowl for under-the-radar horror films that brim with killer plotlines and unforgettable scares, you’ve clicked the right link. Tubi, with its splendid, monstrous offerings, is like a buffet for horror lovers, hosting a melange of terror-inducing tales. Nestled among these are some hidden diamonds that deserve their time in the moonlight. While meandering through the cinematic alleys of satanic cults, haunting horrors, and supernatural strikes, there’s also something bound to hit close to home for some of us: a good old break-up story.

Without further ado, let’s unwrap these hidden gem horror movies one-by-one.

Satanic Panic 2019 Underrated Horror Movies

1. Satanic Panic (2019)

Anyone order delivery? When pizza delivery girl Sam gets tangled up with a ritually-inclined high society cult, the audience is treated to an outrageous blend of slapstick comedy and gory horror. Hayley Griffith’s earnest portrayal of Sam offers a compelling contrast to the decadence of the cult, making the film a must-see on your Tubi horror spree.

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Mother May I Movie Review 2023
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2. Mother, May I? (2023)

Imagine the horror when the woman of your dreams suddenly transforms into your recently-deceased mother. That’s the eerie set-up in Mother, May I?. The tale follows the distraught Emmett, as he wrestles with the waking nightmare of his beloved fiancée Anya’s perplexing metamorphosis, eerily mirroring his late mother’s characteristics. It’s a haunting dive into the subconscious where personal traumas intertwine with supernatural disturbances, creating a riveting spectacle that’s uniquely disturbing.

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Cult Hero 2022 Hidden Gem Horror Movies
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3. Cult Hero (2022)

Cult Hero introduces us to Kallie Jones, probably the last person you’d expect to lead a thrilling rescue mission. Living her life as a real estate agent and a textbook ‘Karen’, Kallie’s world takes a wild turn when her husband falls prey to a beguiling death cult. Teaming up with an offbeat ‘cult buster’, she steps out of her comfort zone and into a whirl of chaos to save him. This captivating blend of comedy and horror strikes a refreshing chord, serving up suspenseful face-offs, unexpected humor and a uniquely gripping storyline. It’s a wild ride that proves even a ‘Karen’ can save the day.

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Porno 2019

4. Porno (2019)

Hit ‘Play’ on Porno for a romp through one truly bizarre night. Centered on a hapless group of teen movie theater employees, things move from mundane to madness when they dig up an eerie film tucked away in the basement. Unleashing a seductive succubus, the teens’ night turns into a horror-tinged sex education – quite literally, lessons in blood. With a comedic touch wonderfully complementing the gore, Porno delivers a serving of horror that’s unconventional, unexpected, and undeniably entertaining. Expect the unexpected on this wild, at times risqué, horror ride.

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The Undertaker'S Home La Funeraria Review Horror Movie Fantasia 2020
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5. The Undertaker’s Home/ The Funeral Home (2020)

In the Argentinean horror movie The Funeral Home, home is where the haunts are. The lines between living space and workspace blur for undertaker Bernardo, whose family cohabitates with their mortuary business. But sharing their home with coffins and wreaths is the least of their woes – mischievous specters are their regular guests. The family, once viewing these uncanny occurrences as an occupational hazard, soon embarks on a quest to uncover the true root of this supernatural chaos.

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6. Extra Ordinary (2019)

Craving a dash of the supernatural with a side of hilarity? Extra Ordinary, with its eccentric premise and charming characters, is your perfect companion. Residing in a uniquely haunted universe is Rose, a driving instructor with a cryptic set of supernatural skills. Amid tackling a washed-out rockstar’s sinister pact, there’s a hysterical and heartwarming frolicking in the domain of love, exorcism, and, particularly, ectoplasmic antics.

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Dark Sky Films

7. Sinphony: A Horror Anthology (2022)

Alright, cheeky drumroll, if you will, for the final flick. This one’s personally special because, well, I unobtrusively sneaked it onto the list. It’s Sinphony: A Horror Anthology, a collection of creepy, bite-sized horror tales. Keep your eyes peeled for my spooky-but-sweet segment, Do Us Part?.  If you thought regular break-ups were tough, try navigating one with a ghost. Does Sinphony sound like your kind of twisted fun? Throw it on your watch list and see for yourself. Hey, it’s free.

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And there you have it, horror enthusiasts – a meticulous curation of modern hidden horror movie gems on Tubi, guaranteed to send shivers down your spine without a dent in your wallet. These underrated horror movies offer something for every fanatic of fright. From spine-tingling tales of supernatural hauntings to the shocking absurdities of demonic cults, there’s plenty to appease your appetite for the macabre. As we part ways until the next heart-stopping recommendation, remember that in the often-overlooked corners of Tubi’s extensive library, there’s a world of chilling gems waiting to be discovered.

Have you found any underrated horror movies lurking on Tubi? Recommend them to us in the Nightmare on Film Street Discord Community!

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