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B-Movie Mania: The 10 Best B-Movies on Tubi for Cult Film Fans

Killer Klowns From Outer Space Pizza
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5. Killer Klowns from Outer Space (1988)

Alien clowns with a penchant for cotton candy cocoons and popcorn guns – if that doesn’t scream cult classic, what does? Killer Klowns from Outer Space is an unforgettable romp through every coulrophobic’s worst nightmare, blending comedy, horror, and sci-fi into a circus tent of cosmic proportions. It’s a visual feast, complete with balloon animals of a lethal variety.

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Night Of The Comet 1984
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4. Night of the Comet (1984)

Imagine the world ending not with a bang, but with a comet that turns everyone into dust or zombies. Night of the Comet is a post-apocalyptic gem that follows two valley girls as they navigate this new world. With its unique blend of horror, sci-fi, and satire, this film is a cult classic that proves the resilience of humanity – and high fashion – in the face of apocalypse.

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Maniac Cop 1988
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3. Maniac Cop (1988)

Maniac Cop takes you on a rollercoaster ride where the line between the law and lawless blurs into oblivion. Imagine a world where the badge and the beast converge in one formidable figure, a cop with a vendetta beyond the grave. This film is an exhilarating fusion of horror and high-octane action, where the streets of New York become the battleground for a sinister force in blue. With its heart-pounding chases and a plot that twists and turns like a dark alleyway, Maniac Cop is an unmissable gem for those who love their horror served with a side of adrenaline.

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Attack Of The Killer Tomatoes Best B-Movies
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2. Attack of the Killer Tomatoes! (1978)

Before there was Sharknado, there was Attack of the Killer Tomatoes!, a film that sets the standard for absurdity. With a premise that needs no explanation, this cult classic takes the cake for creativity, proving that even the most benign salad ingredient can be a harbinger of doom. It’s a comedic masterpiece that’s ripe for viewing.

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Basket Case Movie
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1. Basket Case (1982)

At the pinnacle of our list is Basket Case, a tale of brotherly love and revenge that’s as heartwarming as it is horrifying. Following a young man and his deformed twin brother – who just happens to live in a wicker basket – this film explores the dark alleys of New York and the even darker corners of familial bonds. With its unique premise and unforgettable characters, Basket Case is a masterclass in B-movie brilliance.

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There you have it, a curated list of the best B-movies on Tubi that are sure to satisfy your craving for cult classics and “so bad it’s good” horror. These films, with their outlandish plots and quirky characters, embody the spirit of cult cinema, offering a delightful escape into worlds where the extraordinary is the order of the day.

Whether you’re a die-hard fan of cult films or just dipping your toes into the genre, Tubi’s selection of B-movies is a veritable smorgasbord of cinematic delights. So, grab your remote (and maybe a tomato, just in case) and dive into the wonderfully weird world of B-movies. After all, in the realm of cult classics, the stranger, the better.

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