The Last Broadcast 1998 horror movie podcast
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[Podcast] Evil on the Airwaves: THE LAST BROADCAST (1998)

Grab your compass and camcorder because this week on the Nightmare on Film Street Horror Movie Podcast, we’re heading deep into the Pine Barrens with The Last Broadcast (1998)! Your hosts Kimmi & Jon are unraveling the mystery of the Jersey Devil, celebrating a pioneering effort in found footage horror, and unburying a mystery hidden behind the shadow of The Blair Witch Project.

In The Last Broadcast (1998), a small-town public access show takes a terrifying turn (for our benefit) when its hosts set out to capture the elusive Jersey Devil on tape – LIVE! We’ll dissect the eerie mix of mockumentary style, early internet sleuthing, and the chilling conclusion that makes this flick a must-watch. Plus, we’ll marvel at how Stefan Avalos and Lance Weiler made horror history on a shoestring budget.

Tune in as we chat about the film’s innovative storytelling, its impact on the found footage phenomenon, and whether the Jersey Devil might be lurking outside your window right now. Better go feed it. Don’t miss this episode—it’s gonna be devilishly good!

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July 11th, 2024


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The Last Broadcast 1998 horror movie podcast
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nightmare on film street best horror movie podcast background