Five Nights At Freddy'S (2023) An Evil Yellow Animatronic Rabbit With Glowing Robot Eyes Wields A Giant Sharp Butcher'S Knife While Grinning Menacingly Under Green Arcade Lighting
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[Podcast] FIVE NIGHTS AT FREDDY’S – Drive Home From The Drive-in Review

Join your horror hosts Kim and Jon as they sit down to discuss possessed animatronic robots, ghost children, arcade carpets, and Mathew Lillard! We’re chatting about Five Nights At Freddy’s (2023) and all the post-Halloween vibes of this new blockbuster Horror hit.

Hear our first reactions and honest opinions about Horror’s newest success story, and how robots of all types have pretty much defined the genre this year. We’ve got A LOT of questions after seeing this one and hopefully you can help us find some answers. Help usss…

Note: Drive Home from the Drive-in reviews are FULL SPOILERS. Want to know whether to watch or pass without the spoil?

Verdict: We haven’t played the games but by all accounts, this is a pretty faithful adaptation of the series, but it’s a really confusing head trip for the uninitiated. If you’re still on the fence, we recommend checking it out on Peacock instead of your local multiplex.


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November 5th, 2023


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