Hollow Man (2000) An Invisible Kevin Bacon, Wearing A Crudely Made Latex Mask With No Visible Eyes Stares Threateningly At Scared But Calm Elisabeth Shue
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[Podcast] Graveyard Smash: HOLLOW MAN (2000)

If you can’t see him, if you can’t find him, you can’t stop him. Join your Horror Hosts Kimmi & Jon as they close the door another Universal Classic Monster and discuss the enduring legacy of The Invisible Man through Paul Verhoeven’s eyebrow raising re-imagining, Hollow Man (2000).

Featuring some stellar special effects that hold up surprisingly well, Hollow Man is a maddening tale of egotism turned pure evil through the power of science! Kevin Bacon is the creepiest creep that ever creeped in this flick, re-defining how truly sinister The Invisible Man can be.

We all like to imagine what we would try to get away with if we were “gifted” with Invisibility, and for some people that turns out to be sexual assault and murder. This is a weird one, to put it lightly, but it also features an invisible gorilla named Isabelle, cool heat-vision goggles for seeing The Invisible Man (which no one uses!), and one hell of a spooky Invisible Man mask. Join usss….


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November 12th, 2023


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