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[Podcast] Midnight At Camp Blood – FRIDAY THE 13TH PART V: A NEW BEGINNING (Fiend Club Exclusive)

Howdy Campers, and welcome to Midnight At Camp Blood, the new podcast series from Nightmare on Film Street reviewing the entire Friday The 13th franchise at the stroke of midnight (Camp Crystal Lake time) every Friday night. Join your horror hosts Jon & Kim as they starch their camp counselor uniforms and sit around the fire to tell the tale of the Crystal Lake curse and the boy that haunts the condemned camp to this day. His name was Jason…

If Jason still haunts you…you’re not alone. Our big unstoppable hunk is dead and buried but (bad news!) there’s a new masked madman on the scene, and here’s not about to let this new crop of kids go unmurdered.

Let’s face it, Friday The 13th Part V: A New Beginning is the black sheep of the franchise. It may boast one of the highest body counts, and some of the most graphic deaths (sadly, all butchered by the MPAA) but it just doesn’t have Jason. That doesn’t mean you should cast this divisive, experimental entry aside, however. There’s still plenty to love about A New Beginning, including a boatload of goofy characters and a dude who gets his head squished like a watermelon 😧 Join uss…



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September 2nd,  2022


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nightmare on film street podcast - friday the 13th part v 5 a new beginning

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