No One Will Save You (2023) Brynn Watches An Alien Grey Get Pulled By A Tractor Beam
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[Podcast] My Milk Cow Brings All The Greys To The Farm: NO ONE WILL SAVE YOU (2023)

We’re caught in the countryside this week on the Nightmare on Film Street horror movie podcast with modern sci-fi scare No One Will Save You (2023)! Your horror hosts Kimmi and Jon dive headfirst into our second alien invasion of the month, and it’s a grey-filled fight for survival!

No One Will Save You (2023) follows Brynn Adams, played by Kaitlyn Dever, who finds herself up against some seriously uninvited extraterrestrial guests. With tractor beams, rude neighbours, and extra squirmy body snatchers making her night a living nightmare, Brynn has to rely on her instincts and ingenuity to survive.

This spooky sci-fi chiller is an invigorating supernatural showdown from start to finish, with almost zero dialogue! We talk alien invasion strategies, theorize about the greys’ duplicating, body-hopping tendencies, and discuss that controversial ending that divided audiences.

Joinn usss… 🌽👽


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May 30, 2024


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No One Will Save You (2023) Brynn Gets Abducted By The Aliens
20th Century Studios
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