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[Podcast] Nightmare Alley: How to Make Pants Scary with SLAXX Writer/Director ELZA KEPHART


It’s 2021, and jeans are a scary prospect. You haven’t worn them in a year and who knows if you’ll even get the zipper up. But when it comes to the jeans in Slaxx, you’ve got a little more to worry about than going up a size to accommodate the ‘quarantine 15’. Join horror hosts Kim and Jon as they talk to Slaxx writer/director Elza Kephart about making a silly monster movie with a lot of heart, how to puppet a pair of denim, and the very real horrors of fast fashion. We’re taking on the fashion industry, and it has TEETH. Join uss..

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April 1st, 2021


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slaxx horror movie jeans evil nightmare on film street

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