Thanksgiving (2023) The Carver Considers His Next Victim
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[Podcast] THANKSGIVING (2023) – Drive Home From The Drive-in Review

All Wil Be Carved! Join your horror hosts Kimmi & Jon for another edition of Drive Home From The Drive in. This week we’re reviewing Eli Roth’s hotly anticipated Holiday slasher Thanksgiving in all its gory glory. One of us may have liked this one a little bit more than the other (take a wild guess who) but it’d undeniable that Eli Roth knows how to deliver the goods when it comes to making an over-the-top, practical effects obsessed horror movie. 

Set in a small New England town, Thanksgiving (2023) expands on Roth’s parody trailer from Grindhouse (2007) where an axe-wielding pilgrim goes on a murderous rampage leading up to Thanksgiving Day. It’s a tribute to everything great (and grating) about the Slasher subgenre, and although a little cleaner & more polished than the original short, makes for one hell of a good time at the movies. Join ussss…

Note: Drive Home from the Drive-in reviews are FULL SPOILERS. Want to know whether to watch or pass without the spoil?

Verdict: We say check it out! It’s gory, it’s goofy, and it plays 100x better with a rowdy crowd. Sure, it might be as formulaic and as by-the-book as so many other slashers but it’s a boat of kitschy fun with some really inventive kills and a solid whodunit mystery wrapped inside a Thanksgiving-themed throwback slasher.


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November 19th, 2023


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