Young Frankenstein 1974
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[Podcast] The Monsters of Mel Brooks: YOUNG FRANKENSTEIN (1974)


Join your horror hosts Kim & Jon for the scariest comedy of all time! On this week’s episode of Nightmare on Film Street we’re throwing the switch on Mel Brooks’ immortal classic, Young Frankenstein to pair with our Graveyard Smash podcast series over in the Patreon Fiend Club.

Sending up the classic Frankenstein story, and the beloved Universal Monster Movies that inspired it, Young Frankenstein (pronounced: froNGkənˌstEEn) is the first movie carved into the Mount Rushmore of Horror parodies. It’s a laugh-out-loud riot, and a loving tribute to Old Hollywood but, most importantly, a dynamite Frankenstein story. Join ussss….


Young Frankenstein 1974 Nofspodcast



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April 27, 2023


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