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Slay Bells Ring: The Top 10 Evil Santa Horror Movies to Watch This Christmas

Cue the sinister jingle bells and prepare for a season of screams; not every Saint Nick comes bearing gifts and good fortune. In this special holiday horror lineup, we’re unwrapping a sack full of the most notorious Evil Santas to ever grace the silver screen. These aren’t your typical mall Santas, folks. Brace yourselves for a wild sleigh ride through the most harrowing Christmas horror movies with vengeful, menacing, and downright deadly Kris Kringles. From vengeful spirits to psychopathic imposters, these festive films will make you think twice about who you’re leaving cookies for on Christmas Eve.

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10. To All a Goodnight (1980)

Initiating our descent into yuletide madness, To All a Goodnight serves as an early harbinger of the Santa slasher subgenre. This fright fest guarantees more than just visions of sugarplums dancing in your head with a killer Santa laying siege to an unsuspecting sorority. The film endures as a cult favorite, offering a lethal dose of low-budget charm and holiday horror synergy.

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9. Santa’s Slay (2005)

Next on our naughty list is no ordinary gift-giver. Santa’s Slay bounds in with a beastly Santa portrayed by the towering Bill Goldberg. Revealed to be the son of Satan himself, Santa’s 1,000-year stint of spreading good cheer comes to an abrupt end as he re-embraces his diabolical legacy. The result is a film that deftly mixes black comedy with horror, demonstrating that Santa can deliver kills with as much enthusiasm as he does toys.

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8. Christmas Bloody Christmas (2022)

The newest sleigh on the block, Christmas Bloody Christmas, is primed to become a modern cult favorite. It reboots the Christmas terror trope with a tale of technology gone awry, as a robotic Santa Claus designed to deliver toys takes a malfunctional turn towards mayhem. This high-concept horror fest offers commentary on our tech-obsessed society with a terrifying techno-twist on the classic Santa mythos.

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7. Krampus (2015)

Krampus stands as the twisted shadow of Saint Nicholas, a dark folklore figure punishing not with coal, but with unbridled horror. A gleefully grim holiday movie, it nimbly navigates the line between horror and humor, serving up its own brand of demonic dread. With a strong ensemble cast and frightening creature effects, it reminds us that some traditions are better left undisturbed.

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6. Silent Night (2012)

Halfway through our unholy night, Silent Night slashes its way onto the scene with a gorefest that would make even the Grinch wince. This film is a bracing blend of modern slasher sensibilities and old-school holiday horror, and it does not shy away from unleashing a hail of ho-ho-horror upon an unsuspecting small town.

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