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The 10 Best Christmas Horror Movies (and Where to Watch Them!)

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5. Anna and the Apocalypse (2017)

Zombies. Musicals. Christmas. Wrap that under the Christmas tree, and what do you get? Anna and the Apocalypse! In this horror-comedy-musical mashup, Anna battles the undead and belts out tunes, proving that the holiday spirit can indeed survive the zombie apocalypse. So, for those who enjoy carols with their carnage, this film is a must-watch.

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4. Black Christmas (2006)

Just over halfway through our twisted advent calendar of terror is Black Christmas (2006), a glossy remake of the 1974 seminal slasher. This reimagined trip down murder lane takes us back to the blood-stained sorority house, with a modern facelift and an amped-up body count. If the original was a slow burn, this one’s a yule log doused in gasoline. With more backstory for the menacing Billy and an extra helping of macabre, it’s a film that decks the halls with dread and decorates the tree with terror.

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3. Christmas Evil (1980)

According to some, Christmas Evil is the ultimate cult classic when it comes to the best Christmas horror movies. This deep cut offers a morbid twist on the tale of good old Saint Nick, featuring a toy-maker who takes his work—and the task of determining who’s naughty or nice—to murderous extremes. It’s kind of like if Taxi Driver met the North Pole!

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2. Gremlins (1984)

What’s Christmas without a little mischief? Coming in at number 2 is Gremlins, a film blending chuckles with chaos that asks the age-old question: what do you get the kid who has everything? The answer, apparently, is an exotic pet that spawns a legion of malevolent monsters when you ignore the care instructions. It’s like Black Friday but with more teeth.

black christmas 1974 best christmas horror movies
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1. Black Christmas (1974)

And drumroll for the ghost of Christmas slash—our number one film is the chilling and suspense-packed Black Christmas (1974). This isn’t just the partridge in our horror pear tree; it’s the star atop the genre, setting a precedent for both holiday horror and slasher flicks for decades to come. The unsettling blend of creepy phone calls and the lurking presence in the attic gives us all the reasons we need to double-check the locks on a snowy Christmas night. The film masterfully crafts an environment where the festive lights of the sorority house fade into a backdrop for a truly terrifying Christmas tale. If you want to pay homage to the roots of Christmas fear, spend a night with Black Christmas—it’s the true silent night that horror enthusiasts dream of.

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Well, fright-fans, our countdown has come to an end, like the last piece of tape used up on Christmas morning. Whether tried-and-true classics or fresh takes on the genre, the best Christmas horror movies offer a slice of the season with a side of scares. So, for those eager to venture down the chimney of cinematic chills this holiday season, these films are sure to sate your appetite for mistletoe and macabre. And remember, Santa’s making a list and checking it twice, but in these films, so are the killers—so be careful where you hang your stockings!

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