Burnt Offerings 1976 Underrated 70S Horror Movies
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Death at the Disco: 10 Underrated 70s Horror Movies That Still Spook!

The 1970s: A time when vinyl wasn’t just a hipster trend, lava lamps lit up rooms with their hypnotic glow, and horror movies? Well, they were in a league of their own, especially the underrated 70s horror movies that have remained hidden gems over the decades. This was a decade that redefined cinema, pushing boundaries and daring to venture into the dark, unexplored corners of the human psyche. While the big names like The Exorcist and The Texas Chain Saw Massacre were making waves and scaring audiences worldwide, there was an undercurrent of films that, though lesser-known, packed just as much punch.

At Nightmare on Film Street, we’re all about digging up those hidden treasures, the unsung heroes of horror that might’ve slipped under the radar but deserve a standing ovation. So, pop on your platform shoes, slap on some groovy tunes, and join us as we take a psychedelic trip down memory lane, unearthing the most criminally overlooked horror gems of the ’70s.

Race With The Devil 1975 Underrated 70S Horror Movies
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10. Race With The Devil (1975)

What starts as a leisurely road trip quickly turns into a high-octane chase filled with satanic rituals and dark secrets. Two couples, cruising in their RV, stumble upon a chilling ritualistic murder. But witnessing this forbidden act puts them squarely in the crosshairs of a sinister cult. If adrenaline-pumping horror with a side of cult conspiracy is your jam, buckle up for this wild ride!

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Martin 1977
Libra Films

9. Martin (1977)

George A. Romero, the mastermind behind the iconic Night of the Living Dead, takes a deep dive into the vampire mythos. Martin isn’t your average Dracula. He’s a young man convinced he’s a vampire, but forget about fangs and bats. His approach to bloodsucking is disturbingly real, making you question what’s scarier: monsters or the human mind? A profound exploration of loneliness and societal alienation, Martin is a must-watch for those seeking a fresh bite of vampire cinema.

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Shock Waves 1977 Underrated 70S Horror Movies
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8. Shock Waves (1977)

A tropical paradise turned into a watery grave by… Nazi zombies? When a boat of unsuspecting tourists shipwrecks on a remote island, they’re met with the undead remnants of Hitler’s most feared fighters. The haunting visuals of submerged zombies emerging from the depths will stick with you. If you’re looking for a unique blend of war film and horror with a dash of camp, Shock Waves will surely make waves in your horror collection.

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The Brood 1979 Underrated 70S Horror Movies
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7. The Brood (1979)

Cronenberg, the king of body horror, delivers a tale that’s as much about the horrors of the human psyche as it is about monstrous offspring. A man’s estranged wife undergoes a radical therapy, giving birth to manifestations of her rage. As these beings commit heinous acts, the line between mental anguish and physical horror blurs. The Brood is a deep dive into the traumas we inherit and the monsters we create.

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The Car 1977 Underrated 70S Horror Movies
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6. The Car (1977)

In a sleepy town, terror arrives on four wheels. A sinister, driverless car with a taste for blood becomes the town’s worst nightmare. As it unleashes vehicular vengeance, the local sheriff faces the challenge of stopping this inhuman predator. If Jaws made you afraid to go into the water, The Car will make you reconsider that road trip… or… afraid of vehicular vampires? Either way, The Car is a high-speed horror that’ll rev up your heartbeat!

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