burnt offerings 1976 underrated 70s horror movies
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Death at the Disco: 10 Underrated 70s Horror Movies That Still Spook!

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don't look now 1973
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5. Don’t Look Now (1973)

Set against the ethereal backdrop of Venice, this film weaves a tale of loss, mystery, and premonitions. A couple, shattered by the tragic death of their daughter, find themselves haunted by eerie visions and cryptic encounters. The city’s maze of alleys and fog-laden canals becomes a prison of suspense. With its mesmerizing visuals and a climax that’ll stick with you, Don’t Look Now is a masterstroke in atmospheric horror.

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the legend of hell house 1973
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4. The Legend of Hell House (1973)

The Belasco House, steeped in dark legends and unsolved mysteries, beckons a team of researchers. As they delve into its haunted halls, they’re confronted with malevolent spirits and chilling phenomena. Each shadow hides a secret, and every room is a puzzle. For fans of classic haunted house tales, this film is a spine-tingling treat that stands tall among its peers.

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burnt offerings 1976 underrated 70s horror movies
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3. Burnt Offerings (1976)

The dream of a perfect summer home becomes a living nightmare for the Rolf family. Their idyllic mansion, with its alluring charm, hides a malevolent secret. As the house begins to “heal” itself, it feeds off its inhabitants in the most unsettling ways. A slow-burning horror with a palpable sense of dread, Burnt Offerings serves up a chilling reminder that some deals are too good to be true.

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the sentinel 1977
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2. The Sentinel (1977)

Allison’s dream apartment in Brooklyn, New York might just be a gateway to hell. As she settles in, she’s drawn into a web of supernatural occurrences and bizarre neighbors. The deeper she goes, the more she realizes her role in a cosmic battle. Blending urban anxieties with otherworldly horrors, The Sentinel is a haunting tour-de-force that captures the eerie side of the Big Apple.

let's scare jessica to death nightmare on film street horror movie podcast
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1. Let’s Scare Jessica to Death (1971)

Seeking a fresh start, Jessica retreats to a secluded countryside home with her devoted husband. But her quest for peace is thwarted by unsettling visions and murmurs of vampiric entities. As her reality unravels, Jessica grapples with her traumatic past and the looming presence of the supernatural. A beautifully crafted blend of psychological drama and ghostly lore, this film is a haunting exploration of the mind’s fragility.

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It’s clear that the ’70s was a golden era for horror movies. While the decade’s heavy hitters continue to dominate, these hidden gems showcase the depth and diversity of ’70s horror, and there’s no shortage of underrated hits. So, groovy ghouls of Nightmare on Film Street, next time you’re in the mood for some retro chills, give one of these films a whirl. They’re dy-no-mite!

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