Tuning Into Terror: LATE NIGHT WITH THE DEVIL Plot, Cast, and Terrifying Trailer

Imagine flipping through the channels to land on a 1970s late-night talk show. The charismatic host flashes a winning smile, the audience is buzzing with anticipation, and there’s an electric promise of groundbreaking television in the air. This is the seductive setting of Late Night With The Devil, where what starts as an ambitious attempt to boost ratings by hosting a live séance spirals into an unforeseen horror showcase.

Starring the ever-versatile David Dastmalchian, this horror flick promises a blend of nostalgia and nightmare, setting it apart in the crowded field of supernatural cinema.

Plot: When the Spotlight Turns Sinister

Late Night With The Devil takes us on a time warp to an era where the glow of the television was the main source of light in the dark of night. The film follows a live broadcast that takes a terrifying turn when a séance, intended as a ratings booster, becomes a direct line to the demonic. As the veil between worlds thins, the show’s crew and audience find themselves facing horrors far beyond technical difficulties. This clever narrative not only serves up scares but also a commentary on the era’s media landscape and the lengths to which one might go for fame and viewership.

Cast and Team: Dialing Into Darkness

David Dastmalchian, known for his roles in The Dark Knight (2008), Ant-Man (2015), and Dune (2021), brings a nuanced depth to the character of the host, balancing charisma with an undercurrent of dread. The cast also includes Laura Gordon, Fayssal Bazzi, Ian Bliss, Ingrid Torelli, Josh Quong Tart, and Georgina Haig.

The project is the brainchild of Australian filmmakers Colin and Cameron Cairnes, whose previous work includes the cleverly executed Scare Campaign (2016). Known for their ability to weave humor with horror, the Cairnes brothers bring a distinct vision to Late Night With The Devil, promising a film that’s both entertaining and unnerving.

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Trailer: A Preview of Pandemonium

The trailer for Late Night With The Devil is a masterful teaser of the terror to come. It hints at the chaos unleashed during the ill-fated séance, showcasing moments of intense fear, unsettling phenomena, and the unraveling of both the show and its host’s sanity. With just enough shown to whet the appetite for horror enthusiasts, the trailer sets the stage for a film that blends the charm of vintage television with the thrill of a supernatural showdown.

Our Take: A Frighteningly Fun Homage

“In the same vein as Ghostwatch (1992) or WNUF Halloween Special (2013), what makes Late Night With The Devil so much fun is how perfectly it captures a hyper specific television experience. That said, it also has people projectile vomiting black goo, slashed throats, exploding heads, levitation, hypnosis, and (my personal favorite) hundreds of worms crawling out of a person’s torn open stomach. Yay!” This encapsulation of the film’s essence from our review highlights the unique blend of horror and humor, nostalgia and novelty that Late Night With The Devil brings to the table. Read our full review here.

Release Details: From Theater to Shudder

Mark your calendars for a diabolical debut: IFC Films & Shudder are set to release Late Night With The Devil theatrically on March 22, making a splash in cinemas for horror enthusiasts craving a dose of demonic drama. But fear not—if you miss it on the big screen, the film will make its exclusive premiere on Shudder starting April 19, 2024. This release strategy ensures that whether you’re a fan of the theater experience or prefer to indulge in scares from the comfort of your own couch, you won’t miss out on this thrilling late-night seance.

Late Night With The Devil is shaping up to be a must-watch for horror fans and nostalgia junkies alike. With its unique setting, compelling performances, and a trailer that promises an unforgettable journey into darkness, the film is poised to carve out its own niche in the horror genre. As we await its release, one thing is clear: this late-night show will be anything but a rerun of familiar frights. So, whether you catch it in theaters or wait for its Shudder debut, prepare for a broadcast that will undoubtedly be talked about long after its premiere. Turn on, tune in, but don’t drop your guard – the devil is going live, and no one is ready for what he’s bringing to the airwaves.

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