the texas chain saw massacre 1974 summer horror movies
The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974) / New Line Cinema

10 Must-Watch Horror Films to Kickstart Your Summer Scares

As summer approaches, it’s time to crank up the fear factor and indulge in some spine-chilling summer horror movies. From heart-pounding slashers to mind-bending supernatural tales, we have handpicked 10 must-watch hot hot horrors that will leave you trembling and ensure your summer nights are anything but ordinary. Get ready to be immersed in these 10 thrilling cinematic experiences that are perfect for the upcoming summer season!



jaws movie 1975 summer horror movies

Jaws (1975)

Let the terror of the deep take hold as you embark on the unforgettable journey of Jaws. Steven Spielberg’s masterpiece introduces a menacing great white shark that turns a beach town into a hunting ground, ensuring you’ll think twice before dipping your toes into the water. With its iconic score and gripping storytelling, Jaws remains a timeless classic that continues to strike fear into the hearts of viewers.



the texas chain saw massacre 1974
New Line Cinema

The Texas Chain Saw Massacre (1974)

Prepare for an intense and brutal horror experience as you encounter Leatherface and his sadistic family in The Texas Chain Saw Massacre. Tobe Hooper’s groundbreaking film follows a group of friends who stumble upon a nightmare in the form of a chainsaw-wielding maniac. Brace yourself for a relentless onslaught of terror that never lets up.



the lost boys 1987
Warner Bros.

The Lost Boys (1987)

Immerse yourself in the atmospheric world of The Lost Boys, a vampire-centric film set in the beach town of Santa Carla. This ’80s classic blends horror, comedy, and youthful rebellion as a group of teenagers faces off against a gang of bloodsuckers. With its memorable soundtrack and charismatic performances, The Lost Boys offers a unique and entertaining summer scare.




nightmare on film street horror movie tshirts
nightmare on film street horror movie tshirts
midsommar movie 2019 florence pugh

Midsommar (2019)

Take a trip to the world of Midsommar, a mesmerizing folk horror film set against the backdrop of a Swedish midsummer festival. Directed by Ari Aster, the movie unfolds as a group of friends travels to a remote village to partake in the seemingly idyllic festivities. However, as the rituals and traditions of the community intensify, the tranquility transforms into a nightmarish descent into madness. Through meticulous storytelling and striking visuals, Aster masterfully crafts a tale that delves into the depths of human psychology, exploring themes of grief, isolation, and the dark undercurrents of seemingly innocent traditions.




US (2019)

From the mind of Jordan Peele comes Us, a gripping and thought-provoking horror film that explores the duality of human nature. When a family is confronted by their menacing doppelgängers, they must confront their own darkest fears and fight for survival. With its rich symbolism and suspenseful storytelling, Us offers a fresh take on the genre and leaves a lasting impression. It also features the same sunny boardwalk as The Lost Boys.



i know what you did last summer
Columbia Pictures

I Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

Transport yourself back to the ’90s with this slasher film that became one of the defining films of the era. I Know What You Did Last Summer follows a group of just-graduated high school friends haunted by a mysterious figure after a deadly accident. With its suspenseful plot and memorable twists, this summer-set thriller is perfect for an early summer night.



friday the 13th 1980

Friday the 13th (1980)

Prepare for a chilling summer camp experience with the iconic slasher franchise that introduced the world to Jason Voorhees– well, not yet, but.. you’ll see. In the original Friday the 13th, a group of counselors falls prey to an unknown killer at Camp Crystal Lake. Get ready for jump scares, suspense, and the birth of a horror franchise that has endured for decades.



sleepaway camp movie
American Eagle Films

Sleepaway Camp (1983)

Uncover the dark secrets lurking beneath the surface of a summer camp in Sleepaway Camp. As a series of bizarre and gruesome deaths unfold, this ’80s slasher film takes unexpected twists and turns, culminating in a shocking conclusion that will leave you speechless.



summer of 84 movie
Gunpowder & Sky

Summer of ’84 (2018)

Immerse yourself in ’80s nostalgia with Summer of ’84, a coming-of-age horror film that combines youthful camaraderie with a gripping tale of suspicion and danger. Follow a group of friends as they investigate their neighbor, who they suspect may be a serial killer. With its retro vibes and suspenseful storytelling, Summer of ’84 captures the essence of a summer filled with thrilling mysteries.



tucker and dale vs evil
Magnolia Pictures

Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil (2010)

Injecting dark humor into the mix, Tucker and Dale Vs. Evil delivers a unique horror-comedy experience. This offbeat film follows two well-meaning hillbillies who are hilariously mistaken for deranged killers by a group of college students. Prepare for laugh-out-loud moments, gory mishaps, and clever deconstruction of horror movie tropes that will keep you entertained throughout.


As the temperature rises, these 10 must-watch summer horror films will send shivers down your spine and keep your summer nights far from mundane. From the gripping terror of Jaws to the mind-bending journey of Midsommar, these movies offer a diverse range of scares that will leave you captivated and craving more. So, grab your sunscreen and your courage, and let these summer horror movies transport you to a world of chills and thrills that will keep your heart racing long after the sun sets!

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