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[Podcast] Bob Clark’s Creepy Christmas Spooktacular: DEATHDREAM (1974)

Happy Holidays and welcome to Bob Clark’s Creepy Christmas Spooktacular, hosted by Nightmare on Film Street. Join your horror hosts Kimmi & Jon for a freakshow variety show like no other, jam-packed with musical numbers, cocktail tutorials, and uh- sad discussions about the horrors of the Vietnam war.

Sprinkled in there, we’re also talking about the subtle, haunting brilliance of Bob Clark’s Deathdream (aka Dead of Night)- the understated precursor to his classic Black Christmas (1974). Sure, it’s not *technically* a Christmas movie we’ve got some pretty strong arguments for why this maybe-vampire, possibly-zombie, definitely-trauma laden chiller might just be a secret holiday horror. Join usssss…


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December 14th, 2023


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