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[Podcast] Dancing The Dance of Another: SUSPIRIA (2018)

Welcome to the Nightmare on Film Street horror movie podcast, where this week, we’re diving broom-first into Luca Guadagnino’s Suspiria (2018). Buckle up, because we’re not just tiptoeing around the dance floor – we’re breaking down every pirouette and whispered conspiracy in this bewitching remake!

In this episode, your horror hosts Kimmi and Jon obsess over the hauntingly beautiful yet perplexing layers of Suspiria. Prepare to have your mind tangled like the film’s confuddling plot as we explore the maze-like halls of the Markos Dance Academy. Is it just a dance school, or a front for something more sinister? We examine every clue, from the twisted choreography to the unsettling color palette, and ask: what does it all mean?!

Our conspiracy corkboard is brimming with theories. Why the Cold War setting? What’s with the secret language of the witches? And, for the love of horror, let’s talk about Tilda Swinton’s triple role. We analyze the bewildering symbolism, the eerie score, and the film’s unapologetic divergence from Dario Argento’s original Suspiria (1977). Is Guadagnino’s version a straightforward remake, or is it hiding a darker secret in its shadows?

Join us as we enthusiastically dissect the film’s intricate narrative, getting lost (and found) in its hypnotic maze. We debate, we theorize, and yes, we’re totally confused – but in the best possible way. This episode is for both the dedicated horror aficionado and the casual viewer who left the theater asking, “What did I just watch?”


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February 1st, 2024


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