Blood, metal, and lots and lots of demons. You’ll find no shortage of any in Id Software’s followup to their massive 2016 hit reboot. DOOM Eternal takes the blood, gore, and badass metal soundtrack we’ve come to expect from the Bethesda published game and amps it up to an epic scale while prioritizing the flow of gameplay.

DOOM Eternal‘s campaign picks up more or less where DOOM (2016) left off. Demons from Mars have laid claim to our planet and are in the process of creating Hell on Earth. Humanity is subjugated and used as an energy source as three Princes of Hell orchestrate the takeover. But, there is hope for humanity… the DOOM Slayer, the nearly invincible patron saint of ripping and tearing.


[Review] DOOM ETERNAL is A Constant Flow of Metal and Gore


The player takes on the role of the DOOM Slayer on his campaign to rid eradicate the forces of Hell from Earth. As you progress through the game, however, you’ll find that things are a bit more complicated involving other realms and races. Returning, is the DOOM Slayer’s impressive arsenal of weapons including the classics like the Super Shotgun and the BFG 9000Definitely one of the more plot-heavy entries to the DOOM series, Eternal really manages to hold your attention throughout and provides a plethora of badass cutscenes and epic boss battles. While not particularly scary, DOOM Eternal amps up the tension with its fast-paced approach to gameplay.


Those familiar with the DOOM series are aware that constant movement is the only way to stay alive in DOOM games. Stand still for more than a few seconds and you’ll find yourself getting blown to bits by some Mancubus missiles! That, paired with some minor tweaks to the DOOM Slayer’s arsenal give this entry a fluidity that isn’t common in many games. Chief among the changes from its predecessor are the way in which Glory or Chainsaw Kills, among other specific kills, reward you. Glory Kills, a cinematic finishing move that results in some of the goriest slayings of demons in the game, reward the Slayer with health, while similarly, Chainsaw kills (equally brutal) reward more ammo. That, along with specific weapon combos really keep the action flowing even when you are low on health or ammo.


“More gore, more story, more fluidity, all set to a badass metal soundtrack”


That being said, one very important component in DOOM Eternal’s fluidity can be attributed to the rip and tear soundtrack by Australian composer Mick Gordon. The heavy metal music not only fits the atmosphere as you traverse the ravaged earth cities or the lava-covered plains of hell, but it also serves to push you, the player, forward in your quest to defeat the forces of evil. It’s steady throbbing beat feels like a heartbeat that beats faster as you slay more and more demons. It’s as if the music is feeding off of the energy of the game and feeding into it all at once.

Aside from the campaign, though, is the game’s multiplayer mode coined Battlemode. This is a 2v1 mode in which two players take on the role of one of several demons and are pitted against another player as the Slayer. You might think two against one is a little one-sided, but not when the DOOM Slayer is involved! The mode is interesting and a change of pace from DOOM (2016) which had a classic arena shooter for a multiplayer mode. It may be missed by some, but seeing as the game is taking a more narrative direction, this is perhaps more fitting than a traditional multiplayer mode.


[Review] DOOM ETERNAL is A Constant Flow of Metal and Gore


DOOM Eternal takes what we loved about DOOM (2016) amps it up to a new level. More gore, more story, more fluidity, all set to a badass metal soundtrack! Personally, my favorite aspect about DOOM Eternal is its lack of pretense. It isn’t afraid to say “this is a video game.” So many games focus on hyperrealism that to play a game that isn’t afraid to say “here’s a powerful weapon, here’s an extra life” is truly refreshing.

The game is fun, brutal, and a fluid metal masterpiece! One final thought though, if you get the chance, I highly recommend playing with the Doomicorn skin. There’s really nothing like shoving a rainbow blade through a demon’s skull or seeing a unicorn skin DOOM Slayer in a cutscenes concerning the fate of humanity!

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[Review] DOOM ETERNAL is A Constant Flow of Metal and Gore