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The 10 Most Popular Horror Movies Streaming On Hulu RN (Summer 2023)

Looking for a scream-worthy movie night? Look no further than Hulu, one of the go-to streaming destinations for spine-chilling horror films.

From blood-curdling slashers to mind-bending psychological thrillers, we’ve curated a collection of the 10 most popular horror movies streaming on Hulu to keep you on the edge of your seat. Get ready to sink your teeth into this bone-chilling lineup as we countdown the most terrifying films that audiences are watching this summer.


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10. Haunt (2019)

Prepare for a nightmarish journey through an extreme haunted house in Haunt. As a group of friends ventures into an eerie attraction, they soon realize that the horrors inside are all too real. With its atmospheric tension and gruesome surprises, this film will make you think twice before entering any haunted houses of your own.


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9. Watcher (2022)

In Watcher, a young American woman living in Bucharest begins to suspect that a stranger across the street is a local serial killer. As she unravels the dark secrets hidden within her neighborhood, she becomes trapped in a terrifying game of cat and mouse. Brace yourself for a suspenseful and chilling tale that will keep you guessing until the very end.



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8. I Saw The Devil (2010)

Prepare for a gripping and visceral journey into the depths of vengeance in I Saw The Devil. When a serial killer brutally murders the fiancée of a secret agent, the agent embarks on a relentless quest for revenge. With its intense performances and brutal violence, this South Korean thriller will leave you on the edge of your seat.




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7. Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil (2010)

Mixing horror and comedy, Tucker & Dale Vs. Evil offers a hilarious twist on the slasher genre. When two well-meaning hillbillies are mistaken for deranged killers by a group of college students, misunderstandings lead to a series of bloody and comedic mishaps. Get ready for laughs and gory mayhem in this clever and entertaining horror-comedy.



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6. It (2017)

Based on Stephen King’s iconic novel, It follows a group of kids known as the Losers’ Club as they confront their deepest fears and face off against an ancient evil entity known as Pennywise the Dancing Clown. With its stellar cast, atmospheric scares, and coming-of-age themes, this supernatural horror film is a must-watch for any horror fan.



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5. Clock (2023)

In Clock, a woman desperate to fix her biological clock enrolls in a clinical trial, hoping to find a solution to societal pressures and her own desires for motherhood. As she delves into the experiment, she discovers that there may be terrifying consequences to tampering with nature. Brace yourself for a thought-provoking and unsettling exploration of fertility and the consequences of playing with time.



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4. Prey (2022)

Set within the Predator franchise, Prey takes us back more than 300 years to the time of the Comanche Nation. Follow the skilled warrior Naru as she must protect her tribe from an advanced alien threat. With its mix of historical context and thrilling sci-fi action, this prequel offers a fresh and captivating take on the beloved franchise.


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3. Barbarian (2022)

Step into a nightmarish tale of unexpected house guests in Barbarian. A young woman finds herself sharing her rental home with a stranger, and as the night unfolds, she discovers that there is much more to fear than just a surprise visitor. Prepare for a suspenseful and claustrophobic experience that will keep you on the edge of your seat, and never quite knowing which way the story will turn.



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2. American Psycho (2000)

Delve into the dark and twisted mind of Patrick Bateman in American Psycho. Based on Bret Easton Ellis’s novel, this psychological horror film follows Bateman, a wealthy investment banker with a sinister secret life. Christian Bale’s mesmerizing performance and the film’s biting satire make it a modern horror classic that delves into the depths of madness and materialism.



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1. Infinity Pool (2023)

At the top of our list is Infinity Pool, a horrifying tale of a wealthy young couple whose dream vacation takes a deadly turn. When they encounter a mysterious stranger (played by Mia Goth), they are lured into a world of violence and hedonism. As tragedy strikes, they are forced to make unimaginable choices with horrifying consequences. Dive into this twisted and atmospheric horror film that will leave you questioning the boundaries of morality and the price of indulgence.


In the dark corners of Hulu’s streaming library, these top 10 horror movies reign supreme, delivering a pulse-pounding dose of terror and suspense. With a variety of subgenres to satisfy every horror aficionado’s appetite, Hulu continues to prove itself a haven for those seeking a thrilling movie night. So dim the lights, huddle under the covers, and prepare for a hair-raising experience with these spine-chilling tales. From supernatural encounters to psychological nightmares, these films are guaranteed to leave you with an adrenaline rush and a few sleepless nights.

Note: Our ranking of the top 10 most popular horror movies streaming on Hulu is based on a super-duper analysis of data from trusted sources like TMDB and JustWatch.


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