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Townsfolk Go To War Against A Pesky Parasite in Indie Creature-Feature MIND LEECH

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Kids these days don’t understand how hard the 90s were. We didn’t have cellphones. We didn’t have laptops. We didn’t even have high-speed internet. Nothing came easy way back in the day. Not to mention the fact that every once in a while, you’d find yourself in a fight for survival against a monstrous parasite! At least, that’s what the poor unfortunate souls of Mind Leech are up against in horror’s newest creature-feature.

Set against the backdrop of a chilly Canadian winter in 1998, a rag-tag groups of local authorities are the last line of defense against a parasitic monster that is wreaking havoc on their small town the day after Christmas. It’s goofy. It’s gory. It’s a guaranteed good time (assuming you like practical effects and slimy monsters, and I’m sure you do, you weirdo you!)


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From the filmmakers:

Mind Leech in a word: Improvised. Both on and off camera. Everything was only planned as much as it had to be (for safety and insurance reasons), and the rest decided on the day. The plan was in constant flux, working around availability and the weather. There were no callsheets, script, or on set video monitoring. Actors wrote their own lines and developed their own characters.

The plan was built around having a small team of talented and experienced people make it happen on the day. Despite the harsh Canadian winter shooting conditions, we had fun. The small size of the team gave everyone an opportunity to participate and bring their own innovation to the story. I hope the fun and humour we had on set translates to the screen and audiences. 


A very persuasive Leech is wreaking havoc in rural Provinstate, 1998. On a mission to expand its horizons, our influential invertebrate enlists the help of the local townsfolk. The Police are soon on the tail of our pesky parasite….

Co-directed by Chris Cheeseman & Paul Krysinski from a screenplay by Cheeseman, Mind Leech stars Steff Ivory Conover, Mischa O’Hoski, Jeff William Campbell, Daniel James McGee, Ryan Brown, and Sarah Gates. Oh, and one slimy, slippery, parasite. You can’ miss him 😉


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Chris Cheeseman & Paul Krysinski’s Mind Leech is available for rent right now at www.MindLeech.com. Make yourself a big bowl of popcorn and press play on indie horror’s newest monster mash! And be sure to share your thoughts on Mind Leech with us over on Twitter or in the Nightmare on Film Street Discord!

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