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[Podcast] Graveyard Smash: THE WOLFMAN (2010)

When the moon is full the legend comes to life. Awhooooooo!

Sad as we are to end our Werewolf Waltz so soon, we’re closing another chapter in the Graveyard Smash podcast series, talking about our favorite dog boy, as portrayed in The Wolfman (2010). Doomed from the start (as all werewolves are) this modern retelling of the Universal Monster classic offers up Academy Award winning makeup, and some killer wolfy mayhem….amidst a deeply confused story. Anthony Hopkins gave it his all, Benicio del Toro gave it some more, and yet- The Wolfman is far from perfect. Oh, Emily Blunt is here too lol. 

Look, it’s easy to dunk on this misguided remake but, honestly, it still slaps. Sure, it drops pretty much every ball it tries to put in the air, and yes, it doesn’t really know what to do with its main villain, but hot damn is it a good time on the moors.

Multiple midnight attacks! Blood and guts and whole limbs torn from their owners like they were ragdolls! Werewolf transformations in a late 19th century insane asylum!! There’s plenty to laugh at in The Wolfman but it’s still a bang-up werewolf flick, and that ain’t nothing to growl about. Join ussss….


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February 4th, 2023


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