Krsy Fox’s mind-bending and utterly absurd feature film I Live Alone is the perfect remedy for any horror lover who is currently recovering from the stress of having family over for the holidays. We all know the toll it can take to serve as host to guests that stay in your home (especially if you already prefer a life of isolation) but family is family, right? What’s mine is yours! Including any suspicious activity, you may or may not have seen…

Starring Nyaling Marenah and Bonnie Aarons (most well known for her terrifying portrayal as the titular role in The Nun and) I Live Alone follows vibrant teen Parker (Marenah) as she reluctantly moves in with her reclusive Aunt Len (Aarons) after her mother falls too ill to care for her. Its been years since the two have seen each other, but with no other family able to take her in, Parker must learn to adapt to Aunt Len’s odd way of life and make the most of her uncomfortable situation. However, the new set of circumstances proves even harder for Aunt Len to adjust to and before long chaos ensues as Parker becomes convinced her Aunt is a delusional serial killer.


“…you may be pleasantly surprised how deliciously disturbing this film gets [with] dazzling scenes of pure gore and terror.”


Going into this film I was incredibly excited to see how Bonnie Aarons would stack up as the lead antagonist in a more straightforward role seeing as she is most known for her outrageous non-human characters like The Conjuring 2‘s Valek and most recently the Nosferatu-inspired vampire Jakob’s Wife in which she is not given much dialogue and must express herself through movement and facial expressions. Ultimately I was not disappointed. In fact, the acting is one of the stronger parts of the film overall. Every actor gives a great performance and is able to keep up with the powerhouse that is Bonnie Aarons. Her portrayal of the paranoid and murderous Aunt Len is the standout leaving you craving more and wanting to know every detail of her backstory and why she is the way she is.


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The major flaw of this film is the length. Running in at about sixty minutes there isn’t much wiggle room to expand on the strongest asset of the whole production which is Aunt Len herself. If the film had a longer runtime then writer/director Krsy Fox would have had the opportunity to fill in a few plot holes and tidy up some of the lore. Once the end credits come you are left feeling rushed and almost uncertain of everything you just saw. Normally I am a stickler for films being longer than necessary but in this case, I wanted more! The third act picks up so quickly and it felt like there needed to be an even more grandiose buildup to the inevitable climax of the film.


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Another standout element of this film comes in the form of production style and effects. The viewing experience is a very unique ride for sure and that is thanks to its graphic kill sequences and shocking lighting design during particularly tense scenes. All effects appear to be practical and that always adds a visceral layer to the overall takeaway of the film. Between Bonnie Aarons terrifying commitment to her role as Aunt Len and the startling waves of neon light that wash over her bloody face as she partakes in extremely violent action I Live Alone sends the viewer into a dreamlike acid trip that turns more and more into a nightmare as the minutes tick by and you are left to hope Parker can make it out of her new home alive.

Die-hard horror fans should most definitely check this film out at least to witness Bonnie Aarons do what she does best if not for anything else. I think you may be pleasantly surprised how deliciously disturbing this film gets and that is only made even stronger by dazzling scenes of pure gore and terror.


I Live Alone sends the viewer into a dreamlike acid trip that turns more and more into a nightmare as the minutes tick by…”


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