12 Days of Krampus #12DaysofKrampus Christmas Holiday Horror Movie Challenge

Join Nightmare on Film Street for the #12DaysofKrampus Holiday Horror Movie Challenge!

Happy Ho ho horrordays! As the jingle bells start to ring and the snow begins to fall, Nightmare on Film Street is gearing up for our spine-chilling annual event – the #12DaysofKrampus Holiday Horror Movie Challenge! Starting December 13th and leading up to the eeriest Christmas Eve you’ve ever experienced, we invite you to join us in watching a new chilly horror movie each day, inspired by our uniquely twisted prompts. Don’t forget to share your screams and scares with us on social media using #12DaysofKrampus and tag us @NightmareonFilmStreet!

12 Days of Krampus #12DaysofKrampus Christmas Holiday Horror Movie Challenge

Day 1: Misfit Toys

Day 1 is all about those eerie toys that just aren’t right. Think evil dolls, possessed playthings, and toys with a mind of their own. You’ll never look at your childhood teddy the same way again!

Recommended Watches: Child’s Play (1988), M3gan (2022), Dolls (1987) [More]

Day 2: Planes, Trains, and Automobiles

All aboard for a journey into terror! Today, we dive into road trip and travel horror movies. From haunted highways to terror in the skies, these films will make you think twice about your holiday travels.

Recommended Watches: Terror Train (1980), Dead End (2003), Wind Chill (2007) [More]

Day 3: All The Creatures Were Stirring

Creepy critters take the spotlight. Whether it’s sinister insects, menacing mythical beasts, or something that scuttles in the dark, these movies are sure to make your skin crawl.

Recommended Watches: Gremlins (1984), The Thing (1982), Krampus (2015) [More]

Day 4: The Weather Outside is Frightful

Brace yourselves for bad weather horror. Blizzards, thunderstorms, or fog so thick you can cut it with a knife – these movies prove that sometimes, the scariest gift comes from Mother Nature. Bundle up!

Recommended Watches: The Shining (1980), 30 Days of Night (2007), Misery (1990) [More]

Day 5: Cold Blooded Killer

Today’s films feature a killer that’s… cold-blooded, in every sense of the word. From icy psychopaths to chilling murderers, these characters are as cold as the snow underfoot.

Recommended Watches: Black Christmas (1974), American Psycho (2000), Jack Frost (1997)

Day 6: On The Naughty List

Who’s been naughty this year? We’re watching films featuring characters that are definitely getting coal from Santa. Misdeeds, mischief, and mayhem abound!

Recommended Watches: Better Watch Out (2016), Rare Exports: A Christmas Tale (2010), Silent Night (2012)

Day 7: Dinners from Hell

Tonight, we dine in hell. Or at least watch movies about horrific family gatherings and dinner parties. You’ll be thankful for your family after these!

Recommended Watches: You’re Next (2011), Silent Night (2021), The Invitation (2015)

Day 8: Gift Gone Wrong

Beware of presents that backfire or reveal their evil nature. These films will make you think twice about what’s under your tree.

Recommended Watches: The Box (2009), Needful Things (1993), Gremlins (1984)

Day 9: Bad Santas

Not all Santas bring joy and gifts. Some bring terror and doom. Today’s movies feature the darker side of Santa Claus.

Recommended Watches: Sint (Saint) (2010), Silent Night, Deadly Night (1984), Christmas Evil (1980) [More]

Day 10: Horrible Houseguest

Whether it’s a home invasion or an evil guest, these films remind us that sometimes the biggest threat is already inside the house.

Recommended Watches: When a Stranger Calls (1979), Inside (2007), Hush (2016

Day 11: Visited by Ghosts

In honor of the holiday ghostly classic A Christmas Carol, we dive into classic ghost stories. Spectral visitors and haunted happenings are the order of the day.

Recommended Watches: Crimson Peak (2015), The Others (2001), The Shining (1980)

Day 12: Set on Xmas

We conclude with a festive fright – horror movies set on Christmas Day. From Yuletide terror to festive fear, these films will ensure you’ll never see Christmas the same way again.

Recommended Watches: Black Christmas (1974), A Christmas Carol (2009), The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993)

12 Days of Krampus #12DaysofKrampus Christmas Holiday Horror Movie Challenge

Choose Your Own #12DaysofKrampus Christmas Horror Movie Challenge!

Ready to add a personal touch to your horror holiday marathon? We’ve created a special blank template just for you! As you embark on the spine-chilling #12DaysofKrampus challenge, use this template to jot down your chosen movies for each day’s theme. Whether you’re following our recommendations or daring to explore uncharted territories in horror cinema, this template is your canvas. Share your unique lineup with us and fellow horror enthusiasts on social media using #12DaysofKrampus and tag us @NightmareonFilmStreet. Get creative, dive into the depths of horror, and let the festive fear begin!

Ready to join the frightful festivities? Let’s turn this holiday season into a horror-filled adventure! Remember to share your flicks and picks on social media with #12DaysofKrampus and tag us @NightmareonFilmStreet. You can also celebrate with us in our Discord Community!

Happy Horrordays!

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