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The Top 15 Horror Movies of 2023 (So Far)

2023 has been a delightfully spooky year for horror enthusiasts. From slow-burn mysteries to shock-you-out-of-your-socks frights, filmmakers have really upped the ante this year. Though we’ve still got plenty of frights ahead in store, there have already been some killer horror films stacking up in the must-watch pile for 2023.

So, grab your security blanket, and possibly a friend you can hide behind, and let’s peek between our fingers at the top 15 horror movies of 2023 (so far)!

Mutiny Pictures


Skinamarink is a found footage horror film that blurs the lines between reality and the unknown. As two children search for their missing father, they encounter a world where doors and windows vanish, creating an eerie, and surreal atmosphere. With its mastery over tension and visual effects, Skinamarink delivers a spine-chilling and unforgettable horror experience.

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beau is afraid 2023

Beau is Afraid

Beau, a mostly-likable but anxious guy, takes us on a wild ride to face his deepest, darkest fears. Ari Aster’s Beau is Afraid mesmerizes with its surreal storytelling and mind-bending visuals. The film excels in its character-driven plot and thrilling rollercoaster of an adventure, providing a fascinating exploration of anxiety and the unknown.

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infinity pool 2023
Elevation Pictures

Infinity Pool

Who knew a beach vacation could turn into a nightmare? Infinity Pool turns luxury into terror as a wealthy couple falls into a violent, hedonistic world. Its combination of psychological intrigue and startling violence ensures you’ll never look at a beach holiday the same way again. With stunning cinematography and a nail-biting plot, Infinity Pool becomes an instant classic in the psychological thriller genre.

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nightmare on film street horror movie tshirts
nightmare on film street horror movie tshirts
evil dead rise 2023
New Line Cinema

Evil Dead Rise

Prepare for demon-induced high-rise mayhem in Evil Dead Rise. In the film, a single mother’s small apartment becomes a battleground against demonic horrors. Blood, terror, and suspense, this film has it all. Exploring themes of evil, possession, and survival, Evil Dead Rise offers an action-packed family-slashing adventure that fans won’t soon forget.

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Brooklyn 45 2023 spooky seance

Brooklyn 45

Five friends, one haunted December in 1945, and cocktails — mixed with a séance! Brooklyn 45 blends classic horror with a sprinkle of innovation, a recipe for a retro-modern chillfest. From the spooky visuals to the haunting score, this indie film resurrects the essence of vintage horror cinema with a modern twist.

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nightmare on film street best horror movie podcast background