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What’s Your Sign? See Which Horror Movie Final Girl You Are Based on Your Zodiac

The “Final Girl” has been a prominent trope in horror since it was popularized in the 1970s in films like The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, The Texas Chainsaw Massacre, and Alien. They feature strong female protagonists who, against all odds, defeat the evil that preys upon them and find themselves the last ones standing. So many people throughout time have looked up to these fictional women in one way or another and can even relate to them on an astrological level.

Have you ever wondered which Final Girl best represents you and your celestial path? Find out which Final Girl you are based on your zodiac sign below!


Aires “The Ram” (Fire Sign)
March 21-April 19

ginny - friday the 13th part 2

Ginny Field – Friday The 13th Part 2 (1981)

Aries are known for their fiery personalities, competitive nature, and passionate endeavors which Ginny Field is no stranger to. While she is not the first final girl of the Friday the 13th series, she makes herself known as possibly the most memorable and fearless protagonist who is not to be messed with, even by Jason Voorhees.

Like Ginny, Aries are not afraid of a challenge whether it be crushing your partner at a game of chess or convincing a machete-wielding killer that you are his reincarnated mother in order to escape his clutches. You will find a way to survive through your sense of adventure and unwavering confidence in the face of conflict just like Ginny. While you excel at most jobs, maybe hold off on applying for that summer camp counselor position. You know, just until they catch that crazy Jason. Although you will probably go anyway just to prove you have what it takes to get him yourself!


Taurus “The Bull” (Earth Sign)
April 20-May 20

adrienne king friday the 13th final girl pamela voorhees camp crystal lake

Alice Hardy Friday The 13th (1980)

Taurus’s are stubborn as a bull with an embodiment of stability, calmness, and grace even when in trying situations. Much like Alice, the OG Friday the 13th final girl, you are always dependable and consistent in your approach to work, relationships, and conflict. It takes a tough cookie to fight off a stark raving mad mother who will do anything to avenge the death of her son all on your own and live to tell the tale.

You hold yourself to high standards and view the world in a very practical manner, which is why you know what you saw out on that lake. Don’t let those doctors and cops make you doubt yourself. Appreciate the beauty of the life you have, but don’t forget what you went through to get there.


Gemini “The Twins” (Air Sign)
May 21-June 21

texas chainsaw massacre sally hardesty
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Sally HardestyThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre (1974)

Often referred to as the sign with “multiple personalities” Geminis can be misunderstood due to their ability to adapt their demeanor to match those they are surrounded by. Sally is a somewhat introverted soul who opens up when comfortable, but can easily withdraw again in order to protect herself from the harsh realities of the world. She is endlessly curious and can read anyone like a book, which works to her advantage when she is ultimately captured by the Sawyer family.

While her mind races constantly, she is also a quick thinker who will jump at the chance to free herself no matter the cost. Geminis are also known to be incredibly expressive which we see throughout Sally’s fight for her life. Just like Sally you should avoid chainsaws at all costs and never accept chili from a stranger just to be on the safe side!


Cancer “The Crab” (Water Sign)
June 22-July 22

Laurie Strode Halloween (1978)

Probably one of the most recognizable final girls out there, Laurie is the epitome of a Cancer due to her sensitive nature and ability to fiercely protect those she loves in the face of danger. Laurie, like most Cancers, can be seen as an Old Soul. She is somewhat afraid to be vulnerable in fear that she will be misunderstood if people knew how she really felt on the inside. She takes on other people’s problems with little regard for how it will impact her own life and tends to let people walk all over her in hopes of pleasing everyone.

However, nothing will rock the boat quite like a visit from your friendly neighborhood Michael Myers! When faced with a challenge such as he, Laurie learns to trust her instincts and fight back no matter how much she feels like she can’t. Much like Laurie you will find that you are indeed capable of great things and the only thing standing in your way is you. Well, that and your long-lost brother who’s looking for a family reunion!


Leo “The Lion” (Fire Sign)
July 23-August 22


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texas chainsaw massacre 2 stretch
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Vanita “Stretch” BrockThe Texas Chainsaw Massacre 2 (1986)

Nothing says Leo quite like a bold and entertaining radio host who can also handle a chainsaw or two when need be! Stretch is brash, confident, and always trusts her instincts which is ultimately how she survives the Sawyer family, not unlike her predecessor Sally. She is a naturally energetic and passionate individual who will absolutely not be pushed around by anyone.

Like most Leos, Stretch is very comfortable in front of an audience and speaks eloquently and passionately about the things she believes in. This talent, and her captivating energy, intrigues Leatherface and she is able to get through to him in a way no one else has, which helps contribute to her survival. If you’re anything like Stretch you like to be the center of attention. This is not a bad thing, but next time you hear a murder on the radio maybe keep the investigating on the down-low so the murderers don’t find out and come for you too!


Virgo “The Virgin” (Earth Sign)
August 23-September 22

you're next 2011

Erin HaronYou’re Next (2011)

What would a Virgo do when faced with a life or death situation while meeting their partner’s family for the first time? Well, kick major ass of course! Erin is a perfectionist who is rarely motivated by her own self-interest. She is a natural born fighter who uses dry sarcasm as a defense mechanism but lacks some emotional depth needed to make deep connections for fear of eventual rejection.

She sets goals for herself that she always meets and she is incredibly detail-oriented. If you’re anything like Erin you probably hear a lot from people that they never know what you’re thinking. This is not a bad thing, in fact, it just may be the perfect mask you need to survive a night from hell. Make sure you really feel like you know someone before you go to their family reunion with them!


Libra “The Scales” (Air Sign)
September 23-October 23

Kirsty CottonHellraiser (1987)

This mighty Libra has seen all the sights the Cenobites have to show! Kirsty is a strong and independent person who uses her charm and intuition to outsmart those who wish her harm. She experiences a wide range of emotions on a daily basis, but she knows herself best and that is what matters.

While she presents a tough exterior she is secretly terrified of negative judgement from those around her which she, in turn, feels guilty for thinking. She remains focused and strategic throughout her battle with the demonic forces of pleasure and pain and does not give in to temptation. While I’m sure you are very intelligent like Kirsty you should probably stick to Rubik’s Cubes as a form of entertainment just to air on the side of caution even though that other puzzle box looks mighty interesting!


Scorpio “The Scorpion” (Water Sign)
October 24-November 21

im into survival nancy nightmare on elm street heather langenkamp

Nancy ThompsonA Nightmare on Elm Street (1984)

In the words of Nancy herself “I’m just really into survival!” Nancy encapsulates all that it means to be a Scorpio. She is resourceful, brave, assertive, focused, and fearless. When faced with the dream world and reality becoming one with Freddy Krueger hot on her tail, Nancy never backs down and fights for her life and those she loves no matter the cost.

She is a final girl who truly has to work alone because no one believes her wild stories of a man with razor blades for hands that kills kids in their dreams. She is a problem solver through and through and doesn’t know when to take a break because who knows when Freddy Kreuger will appear again. She is a born leader and could probably take over her father’s position as police chief and do it better (sorry John Saxon!) If you ever find yourself in a situation like Nancy’s just remember to keep calm, make a solid plan, and whatever you do…don’t fall asleep!


Sagittarius “The Archer” (Fire Sign)
November 22-December 21

Grace Le DomasReady or Not (2019)

Congratulations on your upcoming nuptials! I’m sure it will be a magical day with friends, family, and maybe even a game or two. Now if you do end up playing hide and seek here are a few pointers on how to make it until sunrise. Much like most Sagittarius’s, Grace is a generous, idealistic, and extroverted person with a great sense of humor. She looks at things in an optimistic light and approaches life with intense curiosity.

While she tends to be a risk-taker and looks at life as a big adventure she has had to get herself out of some sticky situations. When faced with imminent danger Grace can transform her usual cheery demeanor into an entirely different beast who will stop at nothing to escape confinement and save her own life. You and Grace are probably the life of your friend groups and the life of the party. Especially this party!


Capricorn “The Goat” (Earth Sign)
December 22-January 19

alien 1979 ripley
20th Century Studios

Ellen RipleyAlien (1979)

Ripley is the very definition of a Capricorn. She is responsible, disciplined, serious, and brave even in the face of otherworldly danger. Ripley must prove herself as a worthy leader when members of her crew get picked off one by one by the terrifying Xenomorph. Lucky for her she is a master of self-control and knows how to make solid and realistic plans even when in the most stressful situations.

Ripley got where she is in life-based solely on her years of experience and expertise and refuses to take shortcuts to reach her goals. While she is terrified herself, she remains calm even as those around her are crippled with fear. This is what makes her a survivor. Now if we’re ever in space and discover a new alien species I’m counting on you to lead us to safety!


Aquarius “The Water Bearer” (Air Sign)
January 20-February 18

i know what you did last summer
Columbia Pictures


Julie JamesI Know What You Did Last Summer (1997)

I may not know what you did last summer, but I do know that Julie is a tried and true Aquarius. Like most Aquarians, Julie is independent, progressive, energetic, and a very deep thinker. She lives for intellectual conversation and wants nothing more than to live life to the fullest. After a terrible accident and a decision that will change her and her friend’s lives forever she retreats into herself and becomes introverted and scared of her own emotions. She was the only one who wanted to do what was right that night. If only she listened to herself like she knew she always should.

When faced with the truths of her past she must force herself to come back out of her shell and help save herself and her friends from an evil that is out to get them. If you can take any advice from Julie it would definitely be to trust your instincts and not give in to peer pressure because fishermen sure can hold a grudge.


Pisces “The Fish” (Water Sign)
February 19-March 20

Sidney PrescottScream (1996)

Helloooo Sidney! If anyone is going to defeat Ghostface its going to be a Pisces! Sidney is a compassionate, artistic, intuitive, and wise person who uses past traumas as a way to learn and grow into a powerful heroine who is a force to be reckoned with. Her friendly and selfless personality is a convincing mask that is shattered when faced with danger and she becomes just as strong as those who are trying to destroy her. She tends to let fear drive her away from loved ones and has an intense desire to escape the harsh realities of her world, but she always comes out on top due to her bravery and charisma. Now tell me fellow Pisces, what’s your favorite scary movie?

There are tons of other Final Girls out there in countless films and they all possess qualities that contribute to the accomplishment of their ultimate goal. Do you feel like you can relate to the horror heroin that shares your zodiac sign? Do you think you would handle the situation in a similar way? It’s hard to put yourself in their shoes, but looking up to these women can help you overcome struggles in your day-to-day life as well. Be like Nancy, or Ginny, or Laurie, or Ripley. Use your strengths to your advantage while also acknowledging your weaker points because there is a lot to learn from them too.


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