Birth.rebirth Still 2 Courtesy Of Shudder

Horror Movie Roundup At The 2023 Sundance Film Festival

Every new year of Horror begins and ends at the Sundance Film Festival. It’s maybe not the first festival that comes to mind when you think “Horror” but some of the genres biggest, boldest titles celebrated their world premiere in the picturesque mountains of Park City, Utah.

The 2023 Sundance Film Festival had a good handful of horror movies for genre freaks like us to devour and the midnight program itself served as a sleek Coming Attractions preview of this year’s most anticipated titles. Below is Nightmare on Film Street’s full roundup of the horror movies to keep an eye out for this year, including Talk To Me, which you DEFINITELY want to put on your watchlist right frickin’ now.


Birth.rebirth Still 2 Courtesy Of Shudder

World Premiere
Directed by Laura Moss

“A single mother and a childless morgue technician are bound together by their relationship to a little girl they have reanimated from the dead.”

3 good things about birth/rebirth
  1. femme frankenstein
  2. co-starring a pig named Muriel 🤩
  3. it’s like The Odd Couple but super grim, with an undead girl feeds on human tissue

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Infinity Pool

Infinity Pool 2023 Masks

World Premiere
Directed by Brandon Cronenberg

“While staying at an isolated island resort, James and Em are enjoying a perfect vacation of pristine beaches, exceptional staff, and soaking up the sun. But guided by the seductive and mysterious Gabi, they venture outside the resort grounds and find themselves in a culture filled with violence, hedonism, and untold horror.”

3 good things about Infinity Pool
  1. Mia Goth eats a bucket of chicken on the hood of car
  2. Skarsgärd stunt cock
  3. Someone gets ripped in half like gory, blood-filled English muffin 🤘

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In My Mother’s Skin

In My Mothers Skin Sundnace 2023 Fairy

World Premiere
Directed by Kenneth Dagatan

“Stranded in the Philippines during World War II, a young girl finds that her duty to protect her dying mother is complicated by her misplaced trust in a beguiling, flesh-eating fairy.”

3 good things about In My Mother’s Skin
  1. creepy forest fairy
  2. cannibal monster with a 3-foot tongue
  3. dark af fairy tale with zero attempt at a happy ending

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Landscape With Invisible Hand


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nightmare on film street horror movie tshirts
Landscape With Invisible Hand 2023
Courtesy Of Sundance Institute
World Premiere
Directed by Cory Finley

“Two teenagers come up with a plan to ensure their families’ futures when an occupying alien race’s promise of economic prosperity leaves most of humanity impoverished and desperate.”

3 good things about Landscape With Invisible Hand
  1. late-stage capitalism hijinks
  2. futuristic cube-shaped food
  3. an alien hires a family to be his own as-seen-on-tv family


My Animal

My Animal

World Premiere
Directed by Jacqueline Castel

 “Heather, an outcast teenage goalie in a small northern town, falls for newcomer Jonny, an alluring but tormented figure skater. As their relationship deepens, Heather’s growing desires clash with her darkest secret, forcing her to control the animal within.”

3 good things about My Animal
  1. Stylish erotic dreams
  2. Hella cool shots of the full moon
  3. Teenage werewolf angst


Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman of Souls

Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman Of Souls

World Premiere
Directed by Andrew Bowser

“Onyx joins a group of fellow occultists to attend a dark ritual at the mansion of their idol, Bartok. Suspecting Bartok’s nefarious intentions, Onyx is suddenly immersed in a world of monsters, mystery, and mayhem.”

3 good things about Onyx The Fortuitous And The Talisman of Souls
  1. Jeffrey m’er-f’ing Combs
  2. Hallucinatory Meatloaf musical number
  3. Ghouls! Ghouls! Ghouls!


Run Rabbit Run

Runrabbitrun Keystill Sundance

World Premiere
Directed by Daina Reid

“Sarah is a fertility doctor with a firm understanding of the cycle of life. When she is forced to make sense of the increasingly strange behavior of her young daughter Mia, she must challenge her own beliefs and confront a ghost from her past.”

3 good things about Run Rabbit Run
  1. creepy kids
  2. creepy bunny
  3. creepy ghost girl

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Talk To Me

Talk To Me 2023 Sundance Film Festival

World Premiere
Directed by Michael & Danny Phillipou

“When a group of friends discover how to conjure spirits using an embalmed hand, they become hooked on the new thrill, until one of them goes too far and opens the door to the spirit world forcing them to choose who to trust: the dead or the living.”

3 Good Things About Talk To Me
  1. Instead of doing drugs teenagers use a dead medium’s hand to let ghosts possess them!
  2. a ghost makes a kid make out with a dog
  3. super crazy gory scare sequences

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Underbug Slamdance 2023

World Premiere (Slamdance)
Directed by Shujaat Saudagar

“As India is ravaged by sectarian violence on the eve of its Independence Day, two rioters take refuge in an abandoned house. An eerie presence in the house, however, haunts the men to the edge of sanity.”

3 Good Things About Underbug
  1. grim, frank discussions about arranged marriages, religion, and classism
  2. super close-up shots of slugs and other insects
  3. 68-minute runtime


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